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Pill Id Questions (Page 15)

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Identify pill: Red & White and Capsule-shape?

Posted 18 days ago by Bodeefeenix67 0 answers

Red and white capsule shape with CMF imprint on the red capsule portion and 50 before some Asian terminology after the "50" on the white capsule portion. Any ideas what this is?

Help identifying pill with 'E28' imprint?

Posted 2 Aug 2017 by Christiewinters 1 answer

Its like a backwards E28 white oblong

Identify pill: White and Round?

Posted 31 Jul 2017 by Vdom4780 1 answer

A a smallround white pill with the imprint I on it

What is this pill with 'Mllr' imprint?

Posted 1 Jul 2017 by Jker85 1 answer

What is this pill: uriohn 55 Peach and Barrel?

Posted 31 Jul 2017 by Raeofsunshyne13 1 answer

The top has a line down the middle to be easier to spit in half and the imprint is on the back.

Identify pill: WATSON 3203 White?

Posted 30 Jul 2017 by Mommyb23 1 answer

What kind of a large round peach pill w/93 on front and 7253 on back is this that I found?

Posted 8 Apr 2012 by kaywylly 1 answer

Please someone Help me!!! I am very desperate

Help identifying pill: L484 White and Capsule-shape?

Posted 24 Jul 2017 by Joyce sluka 1 answer

What is it prescribed for

What is this pill: Yellow and Black?

Posted 30 Jul 2017 by Bdiddle 1 answer

Its all yellow with three black stripes on one half of it. It says YS224 then a line, and under it, it has 3850 (like a division sign). Its a capsule. Found in WA state, US... in my driveway. I have several teenagers in the house with me...

What is tramadol an627 used to treat?

Posted 22 Jun 2010 by eljaypurl 1 answer

What is this pill: 54053 White and Round?

Posted 30 Jul 2017 by gwenseely877 1 answer

54063 white and round

Can someone please tell me what a "push bar" is?

Posted 2 Aug 2017 by Leilei7 0 answers

Help identifying pill: no descripcion Blue and Round?

Posted 28 Jul 2017 by lauralazo12 1 answer

La pilldora es redonda azul y no tiene ninguna descripcion ni letra ni numero

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