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Pill Id Questions (Page 15)

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Help identifying pill: c 75 Round?

Posted 14 days ago by iprotoaster 0 answers

hello i have found a small round peach colored pill in my desk i cant find any pictures to match or any info the imprint is a c on top score through middle then 75 under the c any help would be awesome im thinking its an old discontinued pill

Help identifying pill: F|D White and Round?

Posted 15 days ago by Emmygoround 0 answers

What is this pill with 'P525' imprint?

Posted 17 days ago by Mom1982 0 answers

It's blue

Help identifying pill: WATSON 853 White and Capsule-shape?

Posted 29 Apr 2017 by Doug Thompson 1 answer

white, watson 853

Help identifying pill with 'cosequin feline' imprint?

Posted 19 days ago by Jucysterfry 1 answer

I think this is a veterinary pill- I'd like to know what it is used for?

Small round white pill with the letters MP 62 what is it ?

Posted 16 days ago by bobofbristol 0 answers

Issued in the UK

Identify pill with 'ACC' imprint?

Posted 17 days ago by hedgerow 0 answers

This pill is rond and has AC on one side and C on the other and is beige in colour although some have been brown, these were given to me to treat Fibromylgia.

Identify pill: Clear and Round?

Posted 16 days ago by Kellydans 0 answers

In a little clear baggie.flat dissolves on toung.was at a college frat house

What do lederle pills look like?

Posted 17 days ago by bergan 0 answers

lederle 119 red and white capsule . the print is so small i cant hardly read it . i cant remember what i have it for . can you id this name or pill

Mono-Linyah - I took the white instead of the blue?

Posted 17 days ago by Cameliah93 0 answers

... i made a mistake and took the white pill instead of the blue pill.. I took the Sunday pill (white) instead of the Friday pill (blue) and had sexual intercourse after, can I get pregnant? I been on the pill for like 3 months now

Do different bupropion manufacturers have different ingredients?

Posted 18 days ago by Mommycakes 0 answers

I was recently on bupropion when are pharmacy change manufacturers. I had no problems with the first Bupropion that I was on. It was a round white pill with A102 . But the new pill with a long white pill with I-71 on it and it gave me very bad frightening nightmares if they're supposed to be ...

Help identifying pill: m Purple and Round?

Posted 18 days ago by youcantrecitepi 0 answers

There is a large W or M on it. Nothing on the other side. Dark purple. I found them in a foil package and they came two side by side in each separate foil.

Identify pill: Tiny white pill, round one side, flat other side?

Posted 19 days ago by Sensativedata 0 answers

Found a bunch of pills in a zip lock bag in my daughter's car. Extremely small white pill that is dome shaped. Round one side and flat on the other, no markings no lines. Does anyone know what this could be?

Identify pill: White and Capsule-shape?

Posted 30 Apr 2017 by Bobsmom124 1 answer

Rugby on one side. 39 | 14 on the other

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