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Identify pill: Y 21 White and Rectangle?

I had my 2mg Xanax filled today and I have never seen these before and there is nothing online that I can find about them. At this point, I am afraid to take them for fear of not knowing what they are. I have had pharmacist in the past give me the wrong medication. The pill is white, rectangle,... read more

I think these are fake, it says XANAX on one side and has a 2 on the back?

it has 3 lines on the front, and just 1 line on the back through the 2?

What is this pill - with 'I9' imprint?

It is white and oblong in shape I 9 is on front... nothing on back

Round yellow 230 on one side and Chinese V on the side?

230 on one side and a chinease V on the other side its yellow and round

Are there fake xanax s 902's green pills?

i got theses green s 902 oval pills, the were supposed to be xanax, i took 12 of them and nothing, they didnt affect me at all, are there any known fakes from china going around? also i went to the 24 hour cvs and bought a multi drug test and it came up for nothing not benzos or anytinhg do are... read more

What's this pill?? Yellow, oval, imprinted with 106 s?

What's this pill?? Light yellow, oval pill, not a capsule. Imprinted with 106 s with a slit on that same side. Other side is smooth.

White oblong pill with the imprint S500 on one side and nothing on the other?

Cant find it with any of the online identifiers. I would really appreciate it if somebody could please tell me what this is?

White pill with line across the middle but there is no imprint?

I was told it was oxycodone but there is no imprint. can any body help me figure out what kind of pill this is? it is white, round, and has a line going across it, there is no imprint.

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