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What is this tablet? Imprint is 2172 and it is White and an Oval Shape?

7 Answers

Official Answer Medically reviewed by Last updated on Oct 27, 2020.

Pill imprint 2172 has been identified as Acetaminophen 325 mg and Hydrocodone Bitartrate 5 mg. Supplier = Actavis Pharma.

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Glendagreen 20 June 2017

Thanks for the input of previous answers. I preferred the white pill with red/pink flecks, but Walgreen's replacement of white ovals w/2172 marking is adequate. the flecked pill seemed to have more "pick me up" to it.

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Bocat4522 3 Jan 2017

The effect of 2172 pill

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goldie538 26 July 2016

I just picked up my prescription at Walgreens for the exact same thing, hydrocodone/acetaminophen 5-325. For years the pill has always been white with pink speckles, said Watson on one side and 3202 on the other. I called Walgreens to confirm, they said they changed the look of the pill a few weeks ago (suggesting perhaps to get rid of the red dye) but it should be exactly the same. It is now a white oval, with 2172 on one side, scored on the other. I haven't taken them yet, but I'm hoping their effectiveness has not changed. I've read multiple forums regarding the strength of this drug in connection with which manufacturer it's made by. There IS a difference, I find Actavis mfg (or Watson brand) to be the most effective, other brands barely work for me. There can be multiple reasons for the quality of their effectiveness. Hopefully this change in pill form is the only change.

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MNLADY 26 July 2016

Goldie, they seem to me to be the same effectiveness as our old friend pink speckled ones. Thank you for calling the Walgreens pharmacist and getting such a thorough answer and taking the time to post it!

goldie538 26 July 2016

MNLADY, my pleasure, and thanks for the update on their effectiveness, good to hear (sigh of relief!)

MNLADY 25 July 2016

This is generic Norco 5/325 put out by Actavis. I just picked up my monthly script from Walgreens and apparently these are replacements for the old white with pink flecks ones. I checked several different databases and this imprint is nowhere to be found yet.

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Krancich 15 July 2016

This pill is a generic for Norco. Manufactured by Actavis. This medication contains hydrocodone/acetaminophen 5/325, respectively.

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chuck1957 15 July 2016

Sorry DP; nothing listed in the database for any pill with these numbers it could be from a different country, anyway the best thing is to destroy it. none of my books or this database has anything like this listed. please just get rid of it. BETTER BEING SAFE THEN SORRY.

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