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Cleaning grams house and found a white oval pill imprint 2172 any idea can't find online?

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Official Answer by 27 Jul 2016

Pill imprint 2172 has been identified as Acetaminophen 325 mg and Hydrocodone Bitartrate 5 mg.

Cowgirlcole 30 Jun 2016

I just got that exact pill today. Mine are hydro condone 5/325. I got worried opening it because previously they were always white with little pink speckles. It's generic Vicodin. I can only assume they changed the pill design as I've also not found any images online for it.

vnlla43 4 Jul 2016

Do they make you nauseous? She says they give her heartburn and upset stomach.

Cowgirlcole 4 Jul 2016

Good question. I have been nauseous but I think I was before these pills. I have MS and take lots of meds. But the heartburn is new for me. Maybe it is these. Hmmm.

agrayaustin 30 Jun 2016

Hydrocodone 5/325 just got them today from the dentist. They must be new cause i havent seen them and looked it up also.

Cowgirlcole 30 Jun 2016

Yup. Same here. Just got them today and thought the pharmacy messed up. I had to go back in to ask.

Lyndsielawry18 1 Jul 2016

Yes, this is hydrocodone 5/325

Ohhchariot89 1 Jul 2016

My mom Received the same Brand of Hydrocodone A Couple of Days Ago. - When I Saw her W/ Them, I Had to take A Double look, Because I Sometimes Will give her, her Medicine, I Couldn't find This Imprint ANYWHERE Online. It worried me, It a Also looks like It's A Higer dose of Hydrocodone, As she Use to be on the 10/325, & It Almost looks like one of Those, But when I Saw the numbers On there, I Realizes Otherwise, It worried me. But seeing these Definitely helps. Does It seem to Be helping All of You the same As thee Watson Brand w/ Speckles ?

Cowgirlcole 1 Jul 2016

Yes. I took mine today and haven't noticed any difference at all. They seem to be exactly the same, for me anyway.

sanchopanza 9 Jul 2016

I got these two days ago on the 7th at a Walgreens. The pharmacist told me "no more orange specks, but they're the same medicine". I feel like I've taken 75% of my dose. To me, these aren't as strong as the 3202, just as the new white Watson 10/325's weren't as good as the yellow 823 or actual Norco brand of 10/325.

KLKLeo4 14 Jul 2016

So this is the same as the "usual" Norco that's white with pink specks? I just picked up a refill from my pharmacy and was confused, as well. I wasn't sure if it was a different strength or what had happened. Sounds like it's happening quite a bit! Glad I found this page, because the pill identifier on this same website didn't recognize the 2172 imprint, and said nothing in the database matched that description ... Kind of worried me!

Staccyjo69 8 Jun 2018

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