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Pancreatitis Questions

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Is there anyone out there with Chronic Pancreatitis?

I have been dealing with chronic pain from Pancreatitis for 13 1/2 years now. I haven't really talked to alot of people with this and was just wondering if anyone is having all these feelings that I do. I was at one point seeing a counselor but then my insurance changed after I got divorced... read more

What type of Doctor Specializes in Pancreatitis?

I just found out that my husband has Pancreatitis, he was in the hospital for 4 days, however they didn't refer him to any specialist, they just said to follow up with his primary physician. I know that there has to be a Doctor that specializes in this, does anyone know?

Chronic Pancreatitis - I quit taking Creon 10 sometime in July. I did not have the money to buy it?

... and have no health insurance. I have now lost so much weight, I look like a prisoner of war picture. My bones are almost sticking out of my skin. Should I refill the prescription I have or call the doctor?

After 2+ years of diaherra, bloating nausea and pain I was finally told I have Chronic Pancreatitis?

... Discovered in a CT scan. First question was how much do you drink? answer maybe one drink every 3-4 months. Dr prescribed Creon 20, took it first day, next am sore throat, same for days 2 & 3 day 4 could not speak and throat hurt really bad. Did not take pills on Sunday, am could speak... read more

Pancreatitis - what Happens When The Pancreas Is Calcified?

I am a 54 yr old woman who was first diagnosed with pancreatitis over 20 yrs ago. I had been drinking heavily for 10 yrs when I had first attack which hospitalized me for 9 days. The pain was without doubt the most excruciating I have ever felt. Yes, I was advised not to drink... and no, I ignored... read more

How long does Creon take to work?

I’m a 26 year old male with pancreatitis, I’ve just been prescribed Creon, 25000 with snacks and 50000 with meals. I’ve been having diarrhea for over a year now. Will this help?

Chronic Pancreatitis - I'm a 28 year old male and have had chronic pancrantitis for one year and?

... five months, I take creon 12000 2 pill every time I eat its seems to be helping in the way that I can digest my food now but I'm still in pain every day my pancreas enzymes look a bit better now at least that what the doctor says they're still elevated just not as bad and my doctor... read more

NEED HELP FAST!!! Nasty egg burps?

I have severe cronich pancreatitis & I have really messed up ducts & surroundings. For the past few months I have been getting these burps that taste & smell like I just ate a rotten boiled egg. I mean they are BAD!! I have been getting them alot more lately too & they make me hurl... read more

What's the buzz on Ozempic and Wegovy?

Pancreatitis - self medicating with suboxone, could this be making it worse?

i keep getting pains in my right side i have lost about 50 lbs in 7 mnths i am startin to fell better the pain is less but once in awhile i get that pain that feel exactly pancreatitis i have had it 5 times since nov of last yr i have been self medicating w suboxone could that be makin it worse or... read more

Is it normal to be extremely nauseous from gabapentin?

I have chronic pancreatitis and have been using this since December 2012 for pain relief with no side effects from this medication. I have received my refill on 4/16 and have been nauseous to the point of running to the bathroom waiting to vomit. I don't know if I should call the pharamacy in... read more

Creon side effects and minimum dosage?

In 2005 I suffered a bad case of Severe Acute Necrotizing Ideopathic Pancreatits. They wanted to operate to remove my panceras, but decided I would not survive the operation. Fortunately my temperature began to subside and I'm still here to tell the story. Subsequent scans showed that 75% of... read more

What's the best pain relief you chronic pancreatitis patients have found (including opioids)?

I take Xtamza ER for my chronic pancreatitis pain. It's a long acting oxycodone. The dose is 13.5 mg twice a day. It's fairly effective but I think I'm going to talk to my pain doctor about increasing or changing to something else. Just curious about others luck. I've been... read more

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