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My daughter has psychosis she is taking olanzapine 15mg at present, how long does it take to work?

Posted 9 Jun 2012 by hazel hgte 4 answers

She is still hearing voices quite clearly, but has only been on 15mg for three days. When can we expect things to improve. Also she has gone back to this med as Aripiprazol had bad side effects. She has put on 3 stone in the last six months after always being very slim, Can we mix in any other ...

How long does olanzapine stay in system?

Posted 9 Jan 2014 by Merd63 1 answer

Trying to come of olanzapine?

Posted 8 Feb 2018 by tigermeg 0 answers

hi I have been on olanzapine 5 mg for about 8 years . over the last 3 month I have cut down to 2.5mg . Then tried to stop the side affects were hell so had to go back no 2.5mg . I really want to get of this drug the NHS wed site says to cut down by 10 per cent every 5 to 6 weeks the smallest dose ...

Olanzapine - how long did it take to see results with Zyprexa?

Posted 15 Oct 2017 by Urswill 3 answers

My 20 year old son is schitzoeffective with hallucinations, delusions, anxiety. He has been on so many medications with no results. He was recently put on 30 mg Zyprexa. I was hoping someone could tell me how long until he will notice positive results with this medication.

How can you take Wellbutrin with Geodon?

Posted 24 Jan 2018 by Canadian115 1 answer

I’m thinking of switching my olanzapine to Geodon, as my doctor suggested due to weight issues. I also take Wellbutrin and would like to continue as it has almost cured my Anxiety attacks. Geodon also has sexual dysfunction issues which Wellbutrin helps with. However they contradict each ...

Zalasta 10 mg daily side effects?

Posted 25 Dec 2017 by pashley10 1 answer

Olanzapine - I took one pill olanzipine daily as prescribed by psychiatrist. It gave me tardive...

Posted 6 Dec 2017 by Steve Ormsby 1 answer

... dyskinesia and painful muscle strain. I also had to go to lock up psych unit at hospital once or twice a year. I then secretly only took a pill if I felt I needed it. The tardive dyskinesia and muscle stain pain went away and didn't have to go to the hospital for 17 years since. I now take ...

Where to find drug information in Chinese?

Posted 30 Nov 2017 by chinese123 1 answer

I need Chinese versions of information for : olanzapine, fluoxetine, lithium and gabapentin. Thankyou

Can I cut olanzapine 20 mg tabs in half?

Posted 29 Sep 2017 by coonsi 1 answer

I was prescribed 20 mg olanzapine on 9/25 and then changed to 10 mg on 9/27... can I cut the 20mg in half. (30 tabs) and if not, why not? very expensive... $238.98.. just to throw in trash?

Olanzapine - Does an increase in dosage cause more severe depression?

Posted 15 Nov 2017 by erbear 1 answer

I suffer from severe anorexia and bulimia, severe anxiety and depression, and I've been on 10mg of Olanzapine for over 15 years and it has worked great, but recently my doc increased the dosage to 20mg... and I spiraled into very severe depression... I decreased the dosage back down to 10mg ...

How can I get olanzapine and venlafaxine out of my system?

Posted 29 Aug 2017 by andrias246 2 answers

I've taken both for 1 year and four months before I stopped 2 months ago but I still feel very awful side effects. I just want to go back to my old life.

Olanzapine - Read there's alot of weight gain?

Posted 25 Aug 2017 by Sabianpdp30 1 answer

Is this due to over eating, or is your metabolism supressed in a way?

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