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Olanzapine Questions

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Can Zyprexa / olanzapine cause hyper anxiety and or restlessness?

My friend is taking this med and has not been herself since she has started taking it. Her anxiety is and has been off of the wall and she has not been able to organize a thought. This was NOT happening before she was introduced to it. She was anxious when she was first hospitalized but now her... read more

Olanzapine - how long did it take to see results with Zyprexa?

My 20 year old son is schitzoeffective with hallucinations, delusions, anxiety. He has been on so many medications with no results. He was recently put on 30 mg Zyprexa. I was hoping someone could tell me how long until he will notice positive results with this medication.

How do I adjust my medicine intake?

I'm presently working on a night shift and I'm bipolar 1. I just want to ask how I could adjust my medicine intake. I'm currently on clonazepam olanzapine and alprazolam. I have to sleep by daytime and I'm also taking amlodipine and losartan for my hypertension.

How can I get olanzapine and venlafaxine out of my system?

I've taken both for 1 year and four months before I stopped 2 months ago but I still feel very awful side effects. I just want to go back to my old life.

Can I cut olanzapine 20 mg tabs in half?

I was prescribed 20 mg olanzapine on 9/25 and then changed to 10 mg on 9/27... can I cut the 20mg in half. (30 tabs) and if not, why not? very expensive... $238.98.. just to throw in trash?

How long does olanzapine stay in system?

Is olanzapine similar to zanax?

What to do if olanzapine (zyprexa) makes you sleepy?

My husband s lithium was a little too high so the doctor switched him to depakote( valproic acid) 250 mg day and night, just a few days ago. On top of that he was on olanzapine 5 mg for one week and now it s been increased to 10 mg 2 days ago . Today he is so sleepy that can t do anything. He just... read more

Olanzapine - how well does Zyprexa work for sleep?

Olanzapine - Do they prescribe this medication for people with anxiety? And is it related to Xanax?

Just want to know if can be prescribed for anxiety issues or used in replace or related to the Xanax family?

Does olanzapine make you sleepy, and gain weight?

Are olanzapine like Valium?

Can olanzapine work after 2 days?

Is there more chance of olanzapine helping than not.?

Safe with low dose Seroquel if keeping track on weight?

Hi! New to this... I am 1-2 times per week taking Seroquel for sleep, dosage 25-50 mg. Works fine for me. I used to take the same amount with Olanzapine but found the drowziness and apetite increase to be much tougher for that compared to Seroquel. Would you say it is "safe" to use... read more

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