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What does 50mg of nucynta compare to oxycontin?

Posted 2 May 2012 5 answers

My mother is very ill and can no longer take oxycontin and methadone due to the gluten the tablets.. However we need to know some kind of comparison to her 50mg. ( example: I would compare a 5mg percocet to two 5mg vicodens) Thank you for your time. .

Can you get high on 100 mg Nucynta?

Posted 13 Apr 2011 9 answers

My dr has given Nucynta I have never herd of and would like to know what it compares to?

Posted 25 Aug 2010 7 answers

th e drug name is nucynta 100mg would like to know what other pain medicayion it might be compared to

Which is stronger oxcycontin or Nucynta?

Posted 9 Aug 2011 4 answers

have been taking 200mg a day x every 4-6 of Nucynta orange 100's for about six months. I am 5'4 220lb 42 year old female.The medicine worked very good 6 months ago, still works, but not long enough, and break through pain is stronger and returns faster, and I consider my dose strong. Side ...

Does Nucynta compare to Opana to help with severe pain? has any1 tried new Opana's r they the same?

Posted 10 Dec 2011 9 answers

Has anyone heard about the new Opana ER? My Dr said there is a new formula and he is giving me an option to stay with the new Opana ER or switch to Nucynta ER. Opana has a ruthless withdraw symptoms. I have experienced if I did not take my meds on time. I do not want to experience anymore. I have ...

What is nucynta 100 mg do?

Posted 2 Jun 2011 1 answer

Nucynta - How long after the dose, does the medication kick in?

Posted 26 Jan 2012 5 answers

I just started taking nucynta today, for major knee, shoulder, elbow pain after getting hit by a car on my bicycle 3 yrs ago. i was on Hydrocodone for about 2 years and that really helped..then my dr put me on Tramadol, which did absolutely nothing... so really looking for something to stop the ...

Can I take Aleve in between Nucynta 100 mg every 6 hrs.?

Posted 12 Jun 2012 5 answers

I have neuropathy of my toes and nucynta wears off within 3 hours. I also have some pain from arthritis in my lumbar fusion area. It's pain is good for up to 6 hrs. Thank you for your time! Marcia

New pain medication Nucynta - Any advice?

Posted 8 Sep 2011 8 answers

A new pain medication recommended for me. Need approval but have been reading a lot about this medication. Mixed reviews. My pain levels are severe. I am on Fentanyl patch, Gabapentin, Skelaxin and have read a lot about this medication but I have also taken Tramadol in the past with little relief. ...

Is nucynta stronger than a percocet?

Posted 2 Oct 2010 1 answer

Does anyone have any experience or informtation about Nucynta?

Posted 12 Apr 2012 8 answers

Supposedly it's a newer version of Tramadol with less side effects.

Is nucynta the same as tramadol?

Posted 19 Sep 2013 3 answers

I'm trying to find a breakthrough pain med. ?

Posted 1 Aug 2014 8 answers

I'm on Nucynta ER 100mg every 12 hrs. ( 11am/11pm) I have CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome) I have burning pain 24/7 in my right foot/ankle . Also I have Neuropathy. Would Tramadol be a good choice for breakthrough ? I was taking it before I was diagnose with CRPS last January. Thank you ...

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