Hi everyone , InnerSpirit here . I'm under a pain management doctors care. I've been on cymbalta for the past 8 months for fibromyalgia, lorezepam .5mg nightly for sleep and norco 7.5mg 3x for pain due to multi-joint avascular necrosis. Last week I discontinued nucynta because I told my doctor I felt strange while taking it. That was last week, now I'm starting to feel dizzy and I just checked my bloodpressure and it has gone from 120/55 to 175/74 and I feel like I'm in a void state of mind like I feel a little high but the only meds in me in the past 24hrs r the cymbalta, 1 norco & nothing else as I've been asleep for the past 12hrs. Could I be withdrawing from nucynta? I was on it for two months. I also have this strong taste and smell of meds in my nose and mouth. Comments are appreciated especially about my main concern being why my blood pressure is getting high.