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Is nucynta the same as tramadol?

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Delila 20 Sep 2013

Thanks for posting this question, it has answered some of my queries also. I believe Nucynta is more potent than Tramadol

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Factfinder411 19 Sep 2013

Nucynta is c2 drug tramadol isn't a controled substance only in 2 states it's a c4.

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DzooBaby 19 Sep 2013

No, tapentadol, or Nucynta, is kind of a "newer generation" drug in the same family as tramadol. They both have both analgesic action and norepinephrine reuptake action like antidepressants do. This makes Tramadol and Nucynta very different from other opioids. Nucynta is much stronger, I believe than tramadol but weaker than morphine. I think it is a schedule II drug where tramadol is either not a controlled substance or a schedule IV (some states may be a III) depending on where you live.


According to literature: Tapentadol is 18 times less potent than morphine in binding to the human mu-opioid receptor and is 2–3 times less potent in producing analgesia in animal models. Tapentadol has been shown to inhibit norepinephrine reuptake in the brains of rats resulting in increased norepinephrine concentrations. In preclinical models, the analgesic activity due to the mu-opioid receptor agonist activity of tapentadol can be antagonized by selective mu-opioid antagonists (e.g., naloxone), whereas the norepinephrine reuptake inhibition is sensitive to norepinephrine modulators. Tapentadol exerts its analgesic effects without a pharmacologically active metabolite

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