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Can you get high on 100 mg Nucynta?

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Inactive 19 July 2017

Attention People!! This question is NOT from a pain sufferer (unless you consider "pill sick" as being a legit pain situation) this is from a JUNKIE! You know... the SAME people who make it so difficult for us REAL victims of pain. This person wants to "get high" which can mean likely death from substance abuse! And honestly... i don't care. Sound harsh? GOOD!!
I don't wish that on anyone... but it is a CHOICE!
This and it's ilk, is the REASON that REAL PAIN VICTIMS have such a hard time with filling prescriptions,
or when going to the E.R./being admitted to to the hospitol EVERYONE automatically thinks you are a JUNKIE looking for a "fix"!


EXACTLY likr what has been done with oxycodone. Pain sufferers (like me) NOT psuedo pain of life suffers... trying to escape reality... ABUSE this MEDICALLY NECCESSARY drug! I am sick of being a pariah when trying to get pain relief. I have bone disease which has caused many broken ribs, multiple breaks/fractures in my feet, severe pain from vertebre fractures... oh yeah... COMPLETE arterial schlerosis in my HIPS! 100% of the top of my left hip has deteroiated and my right is 25% GONE!!! So I have NO SYMPATHY FOR JUNKIES who are looking to "get high".

I believe they have 2 options that are acceptable to society;
#1- Seek IMMEDIATE HELP for your addition. along with a REAL DESIRE to get well... which is what I HOPE FOR THEM... BUT there is the
reality that JUNKIES do not care that for each one of them... they ROB 20+ people each of carr they need. Including victims of cancer, AIDS, spinal disease or injury... etc.etc.
Just look at folks here that through their pain try to hope this question was from a true pain victim!

If a medical theif JUNKIE, even cared that they are ADDING to the pain of children, elderly, those with low imcome that WANT to survive and one day thrive as a contributing member of society (which MOST SELFISH JUNKIES would just as soon TAKE pain-suffering peoples meds right out of their mouth to "get high"l)
then as a last redeeming act... take themselves OUT from the air-breathers.

TRUTH HURTS... it does not destroy innocence... only EVIL.

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Speed140 25 Dec 2017

I have been in terrible,I wish I were dead sometimes pain. I have a five level fusion of my lumbar spine, three days after fusion brackets came apart,since then I have every kind of pain you can think of. I have tried all the injections ketamine infusions,and about every pill and nothing has or probably ever take my pain away and I can’t even try new meds because if you look for help your a drug seeker ,because of all you people that misuse the meds people suffer like myself in the worst pain you could think of I burn inside and out,from chest to bottom of feet I burn like I am being dipped in hot oil ,twenty four seven nothing helps my only relief is sleep witch only zolipidem can help me sleep a few hours. I was in ga and moved to south Florida because the cold made my pain worst.


I was with same doctor in ga for pain for seventeen years I had some relief on duragesic patches 100 and a 25 changing them every 48 hours, I got to fla and I’m on three 10 milligram x 3 and a nucynta 100er twice a day and can’t get anything else or anyone else to see me because I’m a drug seeker let’s put the opioid drug use on the idiots who think it’s cool to take meds .give me their health and I would trade all the meds I could get because I really hurt, thank you leave the meds for those who need them!

Keithvance48 14 Dec 2016

Even if you can get high off this drug who would because some of the side effects are bad like the gout .

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AnneBird 21 Aug 2012

The answer is No! I took a 100mg pill this morning. I'm dizzy, nauseous, very tired and feel weird..Not in a good way. I was taking oxy and hydro for serious pain. My doc no longer prescribes opiates, so he sent me to pain clinic. The pain doc prescribed nycynta. I'm still in pain. New meds have serious side-effects and don't stop pain. A waste of money.

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burningfeet57 4 Nov 2019

Maybe a waist of money for you, but it's the best pain medicine I had ever! I've been using nucynta for just about 8 yrs!

NewYorkGuy44 15 June 2012

I do not know what your circumstances are, maybe you are in severe pain, But just to take the Nucynta to get high is a bad thing, which believe me turnds into a daily struggle oft rying to get a fix. Most people here on DRUGS have dealt with abuse after being on pain meds for such a long time. As Mary and otthers stated, How is it doing with your pain, if it is working, then you are well off, like me i been bounce around on different pain meds for years, and am still having a hard time, to be OXYCONTIN worked best in combonation with a breakthru pain med.If you are used to pain killlers that is 1 thing, but if not , i would stop and go to a lighter drug, ( No Judgements) but the road you are on, if it is just about getting High, will lead you to a dark place, and change the way you think, and act. It can turn you into a person that you thought wasn't in you, untill you awke the beast inside you never really know.
Gopod Luck.

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InnerSpirit 15 June 2012

InnerSpirit here, nucynta 100mg made me feel as if I had a six pack of beer. Few narcotics give me a buzz but this one did. I have changed to another medication as what I need is pain relief and I want to be in control and I saw trouble ahead if I continued taking this new medication.

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sweetpea602 15 May 2012

Hello cynta,

Sorry, this is kinda long, but I think it might help you!

My husband and I just got home from a check-up with his pain doc. and he was taking Butran (Buprenorphine or subutex patches) for pain because he has a history of abuse and he can't take naloxone. He had been taking subutex sublingual before but our insurance wouldn't pay for them because of the potiental for abuse ( you gotta love the reasoning behind that one, right?) Anyway, he started acting really depressed and started getting mad at everything, So..I looked up Butran's side effects and other info on and sure enough one of the serious side effects was "sudden change in mood or behavior" and that could happen because the patches dont stick as well a they should sometimes, and people dont get the amount of nacotic they are used to and it causes a slight withdrawal.


Okay, so guess what the PM doctor gives my husband? 250 mg of Nucynta instead, and she said that it has enough of the narcotic to keep him from w/d,
but that it doesn't have the euphoric effects of other opioids. So, yes I think you should be careful, but give it a chance to see if it works. Please let me know, because I take a personal interest in it now and I will do the same!! Good luck... Sweetpea

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Narcotic sampler 20 Aug 2012

I broke my back when a 1000lbs fell out of Crain ontop of mee. I have taken diloden oxycontin soma oxycodone vicodin pharmosudical weed.
I stay in allot of pian and who don't look to get high for a better word legally. I have been taking 50miligrahms and it does work better than all the substance 1&2 that I have I have abused over the years. It won't get you high like the others unless you take them opposite the directions. What makes this better then the others is when you are pulled off them the withdrawal is almost non existent. Make sure that they are always taken directions only for the for there is a lethal dose of tapentadol on a time release chewing pills,drinking,and other substances will make the nucynta dissipate to fast and kill u or your tolerance level will build so quickly you have to get a stronger dose in which case if u have alot of pain you will be forced to take narcotics that have a strong chemical dependance.

caringsonbj 13 April 2011

Since it is an opiate, a narcotic for pain I have a long history of chronic pain and have had to have medication changed about I can tell you that I have medications make me sleepy but just till I adjust to the dose, if it continued to do this and I did not have pain control then I would think it is time for me and the doctor to have a talk. Pain control is one thing I know people are different it and affects people different but I feel whatever the case if it isn't helping me cope with the pain I am fortunate to have a physician that I would feel comfortable to talk with I wish you the best-

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bipolar4life 13 April 2011

I totally agree with ((mary))
Please call your pharmacy or doctor and seek help for addiction.
lol janymak ii am sorry if it sounds harsh but u know what that can lead to honey

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Inactive 13 April 2011

Nucynta is a narcotic pain reliever. It should cause drowsiness. What are you taking it for? If you aree feeling "high" you may have an addictive personality. I would talk to your doctor about how it makes you feel. Does it help your pain?

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