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Nortriptyline - How long does it take to start working for panic / anxiety?

Posted 5 Mar 2012 by Donovan#1 8 answers

I recently started Nortriptyline just 2 days ago. I was wondering how long it takes to start working. I took it about a month ago however the doctor stopped as he thought I was hypomanic (bipolar) - any ways I had 2 cups of Starbuchs before I saw him and was a bit wired. It seemed like the last ...

Nortriptyline - Was it a drastic amount of weight gained?

Posted 24 Aug 2012 by Jeanne13 10 answers

I just started taking this medication and am trying to plan a wedding and don't want to put on a lot of extra weight so I can fit in my dress.

What time of day is best to take Celexa?

Posted 9 Mar 2014 by jaw_milmn 2 answers

My doctor prescribed Celexa for my severe anxiety and depression. I feel like I'm going crazy and the physical symtoms due to the anxiety are really bad! I am currently taking Nortriptyline 50mg and clonazapam 0.5 mg 3 times a day. It seems that for some reason they have quit working or are no ...

Gabapentin and Nortriptyline causing intense headaches, any advice?

Posted 16 Jun 2012 by davids2443 6 answers

I've had back surgery and have degenerative disease in my lower vertabrae. Surgery is probably going to happen again but in the interum my Docs have put me on Gabapentin 300mg and Nortriptyline 25mg 1 pill each at night. I am now suffering from intense headaches late in the afternoon & ...

Does nortriptyline usually make you tired?

Posted 20 Mar 2013 by thinkimgoingcrazy 3 answers

Hi, I was just prescribed nortriptyline for anxiety & depression & have not taken it yet, just curious if this makes you extremely tired, most of the other meds I've been on do, if so does anyone have any suggestions other than caffiene to help with this because lately coffee seems to ...

Is nortriptyline really only good for migraines?

Posted 29 Jan 2017 by Ondo 1 answer

I was assaulted almost 5years ago. I got brain damage right frontal lobe, and have had headaches ever since. Have been through so many drugs: 5 different anti-inflamatory; amitriptyline; topiromate; and others. None have worked and some worsened. It is not migraines. I do not like taking meds that ...

Nortriptyline - Does anyone take pamelor for nerve pain & if so does it help & what's the most?

Posted 26 Dec 2016 by Tinabeans 0 answers

Does anyone take pamelor for nerve pain? If so does it help & what's the most common side effects?

How quickly does nortriptyline start working?

Posted 25 Dec 2016 by suskin 0 answers

Just started nortriptyline 25 mg was wondering how quickly it started working for others

I have been taking nortriptyline 10mg for about 3 days. Does the nausea and drowsiness ever pass?

Posted 24 Dec 2016 by ajbosch78 0 answers

I take it once before bed. I am supposed to increase 10mg's every week until I reach 30mg. I have been prescribed this for IBS-D and anxiety but have not seen results in the short time I have been taking it. I have only felt the side effects, the nausea being the worst.

Hi,I'm new to this group,I have a question,my Dr.prescribed me nortriptyline for fibromyalgia pain,I

Posted 18 Nov 2016 by Tonya B 29 1 answer

... was on lyrics,but can't afford it now,so I'm wondering could it help me an does it put you in a deep sleep an can it give you energy? I'm a caregiver of a quad an I want to be able to hear him thru the night if he needs me,but since off lyrics,my chronic fatigue syndrome an IBS ...

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