I'm bipolar 1,GAD, ADD and have panic attacks. I'm 47 and was only diagnosed 7 yrs. ago. I've been through many meds. with little relief. I've been constantly depressed for 2 yrs. with a few breaks with hypomania. I became completely desperate. I saw hardly any help from pdoc so I started researching the net for an antidepressant, I know, I know you're saying not with bp but I had nothing left to lose. I found nortriptyline(I was already on seroquel for a stabilizer. Anyway I started on 25mg once a day and wouldn't you know I saw marked relief in 10 days. I feel better then I have in 17 yrs. I'm just thrilled as is my family. Its been 6 wks. and my depression is almost gone. My agoraphobia is better as are my panic attacks however my GAD is still hanging in there. So now I'm worried I will develop worse side effects than I have now. Right now I have a very dry mouth and am a little more screwy in my head than usual. Now I have a sore throat and difficulty swallowing some of the time. I'm hoping that its because my mouth and throat are drier then dry. I'm hoping someone out there may have an answer for me, my pdoc is out of town and I can't find any useful info. on the net. My other meds. are trazadone, seroquel, adderal and neurotin. Thanks so much for taking the time to read this. My God it looks like I wrote a book. Sorry