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Muscle Relaxer Questions

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What is curare and what does it do?

What is Miderizone used for?

Does Valium work well for a muscle relaxer?

I’m allergic to so many of the muscle relaxers, I want to try something different. I take methocarbamol without a problem but it doesn’t work very well. I’m hoping to get some relief somehow. I’m slowly weaning off duloxetine and I stopped taking gabapentin and trazodone... read more

Can muscle relaxers such as tizanidine or flexeril cause arms and legs to jerk or move uncontrolabl?

I only take a muscle relaxer (Tiznaidine) at night before I go to bed. I notice that my arm and legs jerk or move uncontrolably. In the mornings I even have trouble holding on to my coffee cup. I have spilled my coffee a few times. I looked at the side affects for this drug and did not see this one... read more

Is lorazepam a muscle relaxer?

How long does it take for cyclobenzaprine to take affect and stop the spasms?

My husband has taken two doses and the muscle spasms and pain in his neck is no better. Advil seems to help more that the muscle relaxer in relieving the pain.

Why would doctor prescribe pain pills instead of muscle relaxers after shoulder surgery?

I had surgery for torn slap on right shoulder. I am in my 6th week of therapy and pain medication does not help much. Would'nt muscle relaxers be more effective?

What muscle relaxer does NOT cause serotonin syndrome?

I take Viibryd 20mg a day and have occasionally taken Flexeril for muscle issues due to Lyme’s Disease. However, it says Flexeril cancause serotonin syndrome, so what muscle relaxer can I take as needed? I have a doctor appt coming up,and was just curious. Would it be safe to take ONE 5mg... read more

Anger from cyclobenzaprine?

I've been on different muscle relaxers for seizures & EDS. Are cyclobenzaprine, lorazapam or klonopin known to cause bad moods or anger?

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