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Muscle Relaxer Questions

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Which is better muscle for muscle spasms,relaxer Baclofen or Flexeril?

Posted 8 Apr 2014 by fritillary 3 answers

For female, age 73, already taking per day: one 325 mg aspirin, one 25 mg HCTZ, one 12.5 mg Metropolol. I requested to refill Flexeril (cyclobenzaprine) and Dr. instead ordered Baclofen. Is there a real difference or safety factor? Thanks.

How long does it take for cyclobenzaprine to take affect and stop the spasms?

Posted 12 Jan 2013 by churchlady 1 answer

My husband has taken two doses and the muscle spasms and pain in his neck is no better. Advil seems to help more that the muscle relaxer in relieving the pain.

Diclofenac - Anybody else feel this way?

Posted 4 days ago by Cynone73 0 answers

I'm 44 taking estradiol.5mg and sertraline 50 mg. Started taking the Dicflenac 50 mg twice a day for pain. Was also taking muscle relaxers because of my Sciatic Nerve. Stopped taking the muscle relaxer on Sunday night. Woke up on Tuesday with shakes and chills. Still wake with chills and ...

Muscle relaxer for above knee amputation. Also known as phantom pain?

Posted 14 Sep 2017 by pauln 1 answer

Stump is experiencing agonizing pain.

I have a realy bad tooth no insurance but my brother gave me a muscle relaxer?

Posted 26 Aug 2017 by 1071mjg 1 answer

I forgot the name but i is white oblong and has R180 imprinted on it. Will it even help. My oain is bad abd i am not wanting to drink anymore aleve.

Is naproxen safe for someone with malignant hyperthermia?

Posted 23 Aug 2017 by Cathy Valenti 0 answers

I was recently in a car accident & suffered a whiplash. I was prescribed naproxen as a muscle relaxant. Is this drug safe for me?

Are there any muscle relaxants that aren't anticholinergic?

Posted 5 Aug 2017 by AesopFett 1 answer

Are there any muscle relaxants that aren't anticholinergic? I asked for a muscle relaxant that wasn't an anticholinergic. I was prescribed Baclofen, and the doctor told me it wasn't anticholinergic. When I picked up the prescription the pharmacist said it can cause dry mouth. I ...

In South America they use muscle relaxant named Thiocolchicoside. What is equivalent in USA ?

Posted 11 Jul 2017 by inbasca 0 answers

It is also used in Europe and in some cases comes mixed with Ibuprofen. It is suggested in muscle contraction specially in the neck and shoulders.

Can take tizanidine with echinacea?

Posted 13 Jun 2017 by runner23 0 answers

I take echinacea when i have a cold or sore throat coming on--- ive been on voltern gel for neckspurs and pain inflammation , just recentlydignosed with osteo arthritis taking muscle relaxer tizanidine. Im diabetic type 2 -Under control. Others ,metformen allpurinal 81 mg asprin,omeprezol , ...

Is SOMA being taken off the market???

Posted 17 Feb 2017 by MIZZBELLABELLA 1 answer

SOMA is the only muscle relaxer that works for me. I've had horrible reactions to every one out there, and I've tried them ALL!!! Not only that, they told me that it's going off the market in the next two months. Has anyone heard anything? I'm going to call the FDA tomorrow to ...

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