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Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus Infection Questions

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Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus Infection - Can Antibiotics by IV cure MRSA?

Posted 10 Jan 2013 by luvthebadge 12 answers

i have MRSA and keep getting outbreaks of absesses and and i cant handle these anymore to be honest. Im in alot of pain and im feeling very sick with the one i have now. It seems to be getting worse and i dont have medical insurance. Ive been to countless clinics and ll they do is lance and send me ...

Can you die from MRSA?

Posted 19 Jun 2012 by Patiently Waiting 7 answers

My mother recently got sick and was having trouble breathing. They did admit her and after running xrays found one side of her lungs eat up with MRSA. I'm thankful I haven't been around her. I'm quite a germifobe. I don't know a lot about it.. just that you can catch it on the ...

Has anyone ever taken Bactrim for MRSA for 3 months or more?

Posted 4 Jan 2017 by kristilyn 1 answer

I have MRSA and dermatologist has me on it twice a day for 3 months. I'm concerned about taking it so long, should I be? I am on month 2 and have some kind of raised rash on my arms. Any advice/info would be greatly appreciated.

Can MRSA a cause your face to become very thin looking?

Posted 11 Jan 2017 by Joandersnken 0 answers

I've had cellulitis if the face for 6 weeks and at this point my already thin face has become so very gaunt looking. I've lost all facial soft curves and its been replaced with a very hard looking me.

My sister has MRSA infection wound on the bottom half of her leg now for six years, it almost went?

Posted 11 Aug 2016 by vicky8808 1 answer

... away with antibiotics, but has come resistant to them, I know she needs a different antibiotic for it to work, but I was reading about the garlic and water and would like to know how to mix the powder and/or minced garlic in a small tub or jar to soak with a wash towel and lay it on the wound ...

Can side effects of Bactim cause swelling and irritation of genitals?

Posted 21 Aug 2016 by Cbsmith2403 0 answers

In the last 48 hours I have started Bactrim, due to a small possible MRSA spot. Within 12 hours of starting dosage, my penis specifically the crown and shaft where I was circumcised have become extremely swollen and sensitive. This has happened before and now that I think about it it was at ...

Can Bactrim treat MRSA abscesses?

Posted 31 Jul 2016 by brandyL 1 answer

Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus Infection-Effects on Gums/Teeth?

Posted 20 Jun 2016 by BridgetRaeK 0 answers

I never had a staph infection (that I was aware of) my entire adult life. Then, a year and a half ago, I came into contact with MRSA. No matter what I do it constantly comes back and seems worse each time. Up until this life changing infection I had perfect teeth. In less than two years of ...

Sulfamethoxazole/Trimethoprim - I'm 30 weeks pregnant taking this medicine for mrsa but is it safe

Posted 10 Jul 2016 by shirrina 0 answers

... for my baby or stop taking it

Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus Infection - Are you using Garlic baths? If not, you?

Posted 24 Oct 2013 by revelinit 2 answers

... should be. Garlic beats MRSA everytime!

Is the drug ceftriaxone resistive to MRSA?

Posted 20 May 2016 by Ginikachidi 0 answers

Suspected staph infection at skin biopsy site?

Posted 11 Feb 2016 by krissy4798 0 answers

I had a skin biopsy done about a month ago. The area does not seem to be healing and even seems to be growing larger. It's red and seeping fluid. I believe it is a staph infection. In October of 2015 I had a staph infection and I believe it has come back because my current wound is extremely ...

MRSA infection in the lungs?

Posted 26 Mar 2016 by clackamasdog 0 answers

My nephew is 65 years old, long history of COPD. He was hospitalized 2 weeks ago, H1/N1 flu virus, diagnosed several days later with pneumonia and within the last several days with MRSA in his lungs. The hospital appears to be leaning towards releasing him in a few days. Since we are roommates, ...

What topical medication is use for skin mrsa?

Posted 3 Jun 2013 by lariah01 1 answer

i needs to know if bacitracin or bactroban is the correct medication to use

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