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Meloxicam Questions

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Meloxicam vs Ibuprofen, what's the difference?

Which painkiller should you use?

Should I take meloxicam at night or in the morning?

Can I take Meloxicam and Aleve or Tylenol together?

How long do I wait after taking ibuprofen to take meloxicam?

Is meloxicam a narcotic?

Is meloxicam very similar to Celebrex?

Can meloxicam cause drowsiness and headache?

Is meloxicam helpful in gout treatment?

Is meloxicam a sulfa drug?

I took one 7.5mg meloxicam and had severe abdominal cramps and pain. Is this a sulfa drug? I have an allergic reaction to Macrobid which I believe is a sulfa drug. I took the meloxicam with food as suggested an was up all night with bad pain. I am trying to figure out if I had an allergic reaction... read more

Is it safe to take ibuprofen and meloxicam together?

Can meloxicam be used as a pain killer? And is it a narcotic?

I have arthritis in my back and I sit all day it is staring to really hurt. Will meloxicam help my pain

What is the difference between Meloxicam and Ibuprofen?

Aren't they both anti-inflammatory drugs? What is the difference?

Does the medication meloxicam work for headaches or back pain?

Isuffer from a head and back pain from a car accident and being severely beaten by my ex-husband and a doctor that I saw at the ER for a really bad headache gave me 2 of those pills to take at home if I needed it after they treated me with a shot for my headache. But it is something I have never... read more

When is the best to take meloxicam, morning or night?

I know everyone says - same time every day with or without a meal... but I would like to know from those of you taking it daily. I have been taking it before going to bed - but I have heard that if you take it in the morning you will be 'easier' pain-wise all day. Does anyone have... read more

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