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Liver Disease Questions

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Is Ibuprofen bad for your kidneys and liver?

Can you take antibiotics with Mavyret?

What antibiotics can you take when you have hepatitis?

What is Doptelet used for and how does it work?

How long does it take for Doptelet to work?

What does Ocaliva treat?

End Stage Cirrhosis - how long?

Hello, My brother was diagnosed with cirrhosis about a year ago and his doctor told him he needs a new liver. He told me about it about 8 weeks ago (we live 1500 miles apart and I do not see him very often). During the last 8 weeks, he has been in and out of the hospital because he keeps filling... read more

Will Tramadol 50mg 4-8 times a day affect your liver?

My husband has almost all of the side effects of Tramadol. I'm guessing 3/4s of them. The only thing I didn't see on there was anything about how it effects your liver.

Vitamin B for liver health - If I stop how quickly would this make a difference?

Hi all, I take a strong vitamin B complex tablet daily to help my liver along. I ran out a few days ago, i want to know how quickly this would/could make a difference to my liver/health? Would i notice any physical symptoms if not taking them for a little while?

Is it safe for me to take tramadol, codeine paracetamol & ibuprofen together to relieve pain?

Dr has told me to take these together. I have gallstones and I'm worried all these pain killers will damage my liver has anyone else been given all these together? I also take buscopan an anti acid and sertraline

Does Gabapentin have any adverse side affects to the liver?

I found online somewhere that Gabapentin can inflame the liver, yet, also read that it is not metabolized in the liver at all. I read that incidents of liver problems are less than one percent as stated by Pfizer.

Was on cymbalta for three months and have lost over half of hair?

My dr ran every test under the sun and its still falling out. Only thing abnormal was liver enzymes but i have a fatty liver so they always r on the high side. Been off of cymbalta for almost a week if its the drug when will this problem get better? Just made apt with dermatolgist. My orthopedic... read more

What do I need to know about Drug Interactions?

Liver Cirrhosis - My doctor estimates I have only 10% of my liver that is working. I have stage 4?

... cirrosis. But it seems i should feel a lot worse. I dont feel great, and am tired most of the time, but I am still working full time and my job is very physicaly demanding (nurse assistant} my meld score is 15. At only 10% liver function, shouldnt I feel a lot worse?

I have cirrhosis of the liver. Can I take gabapentin?

I have been taking xifaxan for about 2 1/2 years. My insurance has recently changed and they will no longer cover my xifaxan. One of the side affects is that I have been itching from head to toe.

What medicines can I take for colds and allergies that don't affect a fatty liver?

I was told that due to my fatty liver, I should stay far away from any medicine that contains acetaminophen or any meds that have liver warnings. When I have a cold, it's so bad that I need to take something. This also the case with nasal allergies.

Lexapro and moderate alcohol consumption; can it be positive?

So I started Lexapro recently and have had great results. I did drink before, but stopped as soon as I started Lexapro do to extra stress on the liver. I know it can have other interactions, but those aren't what I'm worried about here. I want to know how much stress Lexapro puts on the... read more

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