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Lidocaine Questions

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Is lidoderm lidocaine patch 5% a narcotic?

Posted 11 Oct 2010 by tracy219 4 answers

Coumadin - are there any antiinflammatory meds u can take while on coumidin?

Posted 8 Mar 2013 by coldman 4 answers

i have severe back issues. get a lot of pain from inflammation. dr. gave me lidocaine gel and voltaren that dont do much.

Can Lidocaine ointment be applied to vagina and how long will the numbing effect last?

Posted 9 Sep 2010 by katehicks 3 answers

If applied how long after application is it safe to touch the area to which Lidocaine was applied without transferring the numbing effect?

Is steroid and Lidocaine application for anal fissure ( 3 weeks old fissure) with Miralax enough?

Posted 31 Mar 2012 by hp0909 7 answers

I am currently suffering from Anal fissure due to constipation since 3 weeks. It bled in the beginning and almost healed over two weeks. Yesterday I had another episode of constipation and my fissure bled again with too much of pain. My doctor prescribed me steroid and Lidocain gel for topical ...

Where could I buy lidocaine 5% patches?

Posted 22 Apr 2016 by ezein 9 answers

I have someone overseas uses the patches and she gets lot of pain relief, unfortunately they do not have lidocaine in that country, I need to buy her few boxes, I know the box has 30 patches . Where to find the patches How much are they per box

I have no access to a herbalist store- Does anyone knowwhere I can get lidocaine 0.05%?

Posted 2 days 4 hours ago by Profbev51 0 answers

I have no access to a herbalist store- Does anyone know where else I can obtaine lidocaine 0.05% without a prescription? ( I can't spell generic- I think that it is floro). I was thinking that maybe I could buy this from a Health Foods store, or a Vitamins Store. I live in central NJ. I have ...

Has anyone had experience with using lidocaine 5%, patch, with doctor's approval, for arthritis?

Posted 4 days ago by Profbev51 0 answers

Is the lidocaine patch , 5%, available by prescription- I have severe arthritis in my shoulder, hand, etc. Creams don't work for me- I will ask my pain doctor about this - I know that any kind of lidocaine, 5%, is only available by prescription, and only in very special cases, like, i.e., ...

Can you get 5% lidocaine patches over the counter in Amsterdam?

Posted 6 days ago by crazyjane125 0 answers

Hi, I have complex regional pain syndrome in my knee my gp can't prescribe them because of the cost and I'm waiting for a special request from my consultant, but I'm going to Amsterdam and just wondering if anyone knows if you can get them over the counter there to save me paying for ...

Can Aspercreme with lidocaine be used on shingles?

Posted 2 Feb 2017 by mpp 1 answer

Small Fiber Neuropathy - Hi all, I was diagnosed a year ago with SFN. It affects my right foot?

Posted 31 May 2017 by aimthor44 1 answer

... and leg. The pain is unbearable when not under control with carbamazepine, pamelor, tylenol 3, lidocaine patches... What i want to ask is if any of you find that there are are flare ups? I went for a good 5 or 6 months feeling pretty good and then one day, about a month ago, WHAM! unbearable ...

Does Aspercreme with 4% lidocaine contain any aspirin or naproxin sodium?

Posted 31 May 2017 by Glamma Gramma 0 answers

My doctor told me to stop taking products containing aspirin or naproxin sodium for 10 days before surgery. I it OK to continue using Aspercreme with 4% Lidocaine? I can't tell form the ingredients list. Thank you, Carol Goldman

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