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How long past expiration date can lidocaine be used?

5 Answers

Michi9271 26 April 2023

Thank you for the useful answers! I've been cleaning out my dad's (very) expired bathroom cabinets and found a bottle that expired in 1993!! Good to know, it's in the garbage!

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kkm0107 3 Aug 2022

It does lose it's efficacy over time but it definitely is still good after the expiration date. Trial and error

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shaiya288 11 Nov 2021

I am using Lidocaine that expired 4 years ago, and it's still working just as well as if it was new.

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rmnhsd 10 May 2020

The other answer is complete garbage! This guy must work for a pharmacy!

All drugs can be used past their expiration date. Period. There is no drug in the world that magically goes bad the day after the expiration date. Most drugs last for years after, with only a light potency loss.

Storage conditions effect shelf life greatly. Store in a cool dry place for best results.

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Rajive Goel 14 Dec 2010

Once the med has expired it has no efficacy, it needs to be destroyed.

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