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What happens if you eat a piece of lidocaine patch?

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endlessPred 27 June 2013

If chewed on, very serious. If tasted, numbness. This is a drug that is toxic and can cause death. If someone has done this call poison control and follow their directions.

Even more than three patches in 24 hurts can be toxic. Far less used for teens. Not for children.

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Delila 27 June 2013

Hi, i don't know if this was an accident or not? But i've read that this will numb your esophagus, but the effects should wear off after an hour. If you were to experience serious side effects/toxicity, it should present within the first 20 minutes. This information was supplied by an anaestheologist.

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DzooBaby 25 June 2013

Nothing good! It might numb out your mouth a bit. Ingesting lidocaine can adversely affect your heart so it is really not a good idea-Symptoms may include uneven heartbeats, seizure (convulsions), coma, slowed breathing, or respiratory failure (breathing stops).. It wont get you high or help your pain in any way.

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DzooBaby 25 June 2013

Improper use of Lidoderm may result in death.

kaismama 25 June 2013

People can think of the dumbest way to hurt themselves. Geesh free discount card

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