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Progesterone - On Progesteron 100mg and 25mg Levothyroxine?

Posted 19 Jul 2016 by krissyleighb 0 answers

I take the progesterone on days 16-26 (I have a luteal defect) and I'm on Levothyroxine for Hypothyroidism. I feel great with the levo, but when I add the progesterone, I go back to feeling the way I did before taking any medication. Fuzzy, nauseous, really emotional. I produce way too much ...

Hyperthyroidism - Hyper labs, horrible body aches, nodule, other hyper and hypo symptoms for years.?

Posted 4 Jul 2016 by Melissa101112 0 answers

... No meds. Now given 150 mcg Sythroid by an ENT for the last two weeks. I don't find much support online for taking synthroid when my TSH was .9 (hyper) before I started the synthroid. Make sense? Have any of you taken synthroid with low TSH? I have normal FT3 and FT4 btw.

Levothyroxine - Please can any one help me I'm 47 year old known to have hypertension and?

Posted 15 Jul 2016 by mazidoana 0 answers

... hypothyroidism on valsartan and thyroxin 100 Micgm for almost 1.5 year recently complaining from excessive belching for the last 4 month my TSH less than 0.01 T4 normal ultrasound normal no heart burn ,difficult to lose weight ,no loss of appetite a little bit anxious aches and pain yes I do ...

My levels are balanced but Im still getting exhausted, weight gain, dry skin, etc., what can I do?

Posted 13 Jul 2016 by hernlis 1 answer

Its almost 2 yrs diagnosed with hypothyroidism & after taken meds to get the balance where it should be at Im still so exhausted all the time, weight gain still, just about all the symptoms are but not as bad as before, should I change meds or the mg? Please help.

My tsh is 35 I'm only on 137 mcg. I feel awful. My dr won't increase or do any other testing?

Posted 25 Jul 2016 by pgbcostello 0 answers

I was told I had Hashimotos before but not being addressed. Dr won't do any tests but tsh. That does not tell the whole story

Euthyrox - May 11th, 2016. I had a nearly total thyroirectomy. The removed gland was 8cm long and 4?

Posted 25 Jun 2016 by Marina 5 0 answers

... x 4 wide,? It was 4cm wide, and 4cm deep towards the trachea. The purpose of my question is to find out whether the dose of half a pill of Euthyrox 50 per, day with a break over the weekend, will be enough for the treatment ? Especially since my doctor asked not to be called during the summer.

Is it ok to take Hydrochlorothiazide and Nature-Throid at the same time?

Posted 20 May 2016 1 answer

I take these together every morning when I first get up, on an empty stomach. Are they still reaching their full effectiveness by taking them together? I am aware that I am not supposed to take vitamins, calcium, and certain other prescription drugs with these two. I just always thought it was safe ...

Is it normal to still have thyroid gland and have hypothyroidism ?

Posted 22 Jun 2016 by Buttercup2 0 answers

I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism about 26 yrs ago. I still have my thyroid gland. Is this normal? I have my TSH and T3 and T4 measured each 6 months. I have been on 0.50mg for about 10 yrs. Just recently had my level to be changed to 0.75mg. I have extreme sweating all the time to where sweat ...

Taking Synthroid for severe hypothyroidism and wondering if it will ever make me better?

Posted 27 Mar 2016 by ADARAbleHair 4 answers

My husband was diagnosed with severe hypothyroid and prescribed Synthroid, he has been taking it as prescribed with water only and no food for 30 minutes first thing in the morning. He is still is having a hard time staying awake and his brain is really foggy. I know it takes a while to fully be ...

Low thyroid & plan b?

Posted 27 Sep 2015 by Jesska 2 answers

So I have a low thyroid and was wondering if I took the plan b pill would it work or would it be ineffective?

Is synthroid a steroid?

Posted 17 Feb 2016 by j jones 45 1 answer

I take levothyroxin 75 I've done so for several years . Recently I've had heartburn and digestive i?

Posted 13 May 2016 by Jsa age 1 answer

I take it on empty stomach with full glass h20. Could it suddenly cause heartburn? I also take probiotics and digestives to help. I know once years ago I was having heartburn from Fossmax and Dr changed it. I'm a senior and healthy..

Which is the higher dosage of Levothyroxine 0.05mg or 50 mcg?

Posted 4 Jun 2010 by nurse0221 1 answer

i was put on 0.05 mg from my doctor for hypothyroidism and my boyfriend is on 50mcg for the same thing and we where wondering which is the higher dosage.

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