I take 0.112 Synthroid in the morning. It was first prescribed to synchronize the effect of lithium hypothyroidism. It now gives me extreme anxiety the first part of the day, and eases by the end of the day, possibly due to the palliating lithium dose which was once 900mg, but now 0 due to toxicity.

A slight decrease in dose 0.100mg, prescribed by my dr. did not work on anxiety at lithium level 125mg;, but skipping it one day did, though made me feel tired.

I am wondering if I can split the 0.112 Synthroid dose into two over the day to avoid the extreme anxiety in taking the whole dose in the morning. Has anyone tried this?

Bottom line is that I am seeking a balance, without recourse to sedatives, or benzos, which my dr. will not allow me to increase (1.50 clonazepam) taken for 35 years or so.