I take several medications for the following conditions: bipolar disorder, ADHD, hypothyroidism, GERD, and migraine headaches.

My current medications are:
Lithium Carbonate ER - total daily mg = 600
Adderall - total daily mg = 45
mirtazapine - total daily mg = 45
famotidine - total daily mg = 40
sumatriptan - total daily as needed mg = 100
levothyroxine - total daily mcg = 150
clonazepam - total daily as needed mg = 2

I experience facial flushing, but sometimes just a heat sensation on and about the nose and cheeks. This is a daily occurrence. I will also experience flushing of one or both ears. The ears will get very red and hot. Sometimes I will suddenly be itchy without apparent cause. I also experience bouts of dizziness daily.

I cannot be certain but it seems that these issues have worsened or appeared after I started back on lithium about three months ago. I had been on it years ago with a different combination of medications, but I do not recall the heat or dizziness issues. I know that there are multiple possible interactions at play, but I would like to get some input about the subject. I have two providers (one for my psychiatric conditions and a PCP) and they are both aware of my full medication list