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How long does it take prozac to begin working for anxiety?

Posted 6 Dec 2012 by RENEEA 22 answers

I just come off cymbalta and my doctor has put me on prozac 20mg daily. The cymbalta worked wonders. I've been on the prozac for only four days, and yesterday was one of the worst days I can remember in awhile. My anxiety, ocd, irritability and whatever else has been awful. I know it takes ...

Sertraline - How long do the side effects last?

Posted 18 Oct 2014 by Joanne888 21 answers

I have been taking 50mg of sertraline for anxiety for 16 days and the side effects are still really bad. Sweating, hot flushes, headaches, nausea, waves of anxiety and panic, running to the loo and generally feeling awful. The doctor doesn't know if this will settle or if I have Serotonin ...

I am on oxycodone for my back pain..I ran out three days ago?

Posted 7 Oct 2012 by molovekayak 12 answers

I think I am going through withdrawls and I am kinda freaking out. I was on 10mg taking about 7 pills a day. I have shivers, tremors, hot flashes and very low energy. No throwing up though. I can't get refill for a week. I am scared. What should I do???

Hi friends and newbies, Is anyone having weird side effects from Gabapentin? Will this go away?

Posted 5 Feb 2013 by MacIntosh12 23 answers

I'm whipped into a frenzy and feel as if I may spin off into orbit at any moment. I also am experiencing cognitive problems, my memory is so bad that family members have actually noticed that lovely side effect. (watched a film last night and my hubby said that it was the second time we ...

How long does it take for Lupron to get out of your system? I had my last 3month shot in Nov.2009?

Posted 19 Apr 2010 by givehope 14 answers

and my side effects are terrible still... hot flashes, can't sleep, depression, the worse problem & scariest is the muscle/joint pain that won't go away and has worsened since my second & last shot. I was active and never any joint pain before the shot... this has caused me to ...

I was prescribed Gabapentin after an awful outbreak of shingles last June?

Posted 25 Mar 2010 by lilred68107 17 answers

My PCM ordered 300mg to be taken 3x a day. I haven't felt any significant relief from this, so I looked it up on this website. I found that I may not be taking enough, so I called my PCM, and she prescribed 400mg to be taken 3x a day. How long will it take for me to know if this is an ...

Which med is better for anxiety/depression. .paxil 40mg or zoloft 100mg?

Posted 31 Oct 2014 by mulder228 5 answers

I am currently taking Zoloft 100mg but I'm still not doing well. I did well on Paxil a long time ago and I'm considering switching back. Any feedback/opinions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Fentanyl patch causing extreme hot flashes and sweating?

Posted 27 Jun 2013 by patmug48 12 answers

I had to come off the 50mc because I was waking up several times a night soaked with sweat, and when it happened during the day, I would feel extremely weak as though I was going to pass out. When I lowered dose to 25 the sweating stopped, but of course the pain is not completely controlled. Anyone ...

Did anybody take paxil during pregnancy? Is this OK?

Posted 5 Aug 2010 by peaceful12 13 answers

I'm pregnant and I want to know if taking paxil is safe for me to take... thanks!

Can gabapentin cause you to jerk? I have been on it for a few years and this just started. Take?

Posted 9 Apr 2012 by lstrong50 9 answers

... 800mg. 2x a day. I also take oxycodone 30mg. 3x a day, cymbalta 60mg., I have a plate in my neck on 4&5, dupreygens, ledderhosen, sjodgrens, and degenerated disc disease on lower lumbar. I need some input on a muscle relaxer. Have terrible spasms with connective tissue and cramps. All that ...

Cymbalta - does this make you sweat at night?

Posted 2 Aug 2012 by imthenoodlehead 16 answers

I'm taking cymbalta for pain and depression. I was reading someone else's post and they said that Cymbalta makes them sweat at night. I did not realize that night sweats were one of the side effects. How many here have had this happen to them? I know I'm in menopause. Right after my ...

Can Wellbutrin cause or intensify hot flashes?

Posted 5 Dec 2011 by riley50 7 answers

I've noticed several side effects with wellbutrin and am wondering if anyone else has experienced any of the following - hot flashes/sweating, chills, anger/irritability, confusion.

How can I stop sweating, so profusly, while on methadone?

Posted 31 May 2011 by medfacts82 5 answers

I have bad hot flashes and can not ever seem to cool down once I have begun to sweat. I sweat on my brow, my back, and chest. I dont sweat bad under the arms or get clamy hands, just a steady sweat. Hiperhydrosis. Is there any relief??

I have been on Paxil for 3 days. Made me very sick like I have the flu, anyone else have this?

Posted 28 Oct 2012 by aducat50 10 answers

Cant get rid of nausea... horrible... and terrible headache... and shaking... no more for me... horrible stuff... anyone else have this problem

A pre-menopausal question! HELP! Is it possible to have hot flashes in one's thirties?

Posted 8 Jul 2011 12 answers

I truly feel as if I may burst into flames as of late!! And it is not the weather, it is ME, and it feels horrible! Anyone else have pre-menopausal symptoms out there... at this age? Me Mum went through menopause very very early, right before she died. Any opinions would be appreciated. Thank ...

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