My PCM ordered 300mg to be taken 3x a day. I haven't felt any significant relief from this, so I looked it up on this website. I found that I may not be taking enough, so I called my PCM, and she prescribed 400mg to be taken 3x a day. How long will it take for me to know if this is an improvement? I feel stabbing, pin sticking, pain across my rib cage 24/7. Weather is a huge factor it seems... as with certain fabrics that come in contact with the affected area.

I have also tried Capsicum Oleoresin with 0.075% Capsaicin Topical Analgesic Cream, but that really put it on fire. So, that is out. Anyone have any other ideas for relief? Is 1200 mg of Gabapentin per day going to make a significant difference vs 900mg that didn't even touch it?

I have also been told that stress is a huge contributor to Shingles outbreaks, but I haven't had much luck at reducing that in my life. I was prescribed Prozac and before the 30 day prescription ran out, I weaned off of it because of very frightening, violent nightmares. I don't think that is the route for me to go.

I can't seem to get much info from the PCM. What specialty doctors can I request a referral to?