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How do you properly push an inguinal hernia back into place so I can temporarily wear a hernia belt?

Posted 22 Feb 2014 by rbaigas1 2 answers

This is only until I have surgery

Hernia Surgery and medical Mesh, have any of you had problems with medical mesh?

Posted 4 Nov 2012 by MacIntosh12 5 answers

I've seen adverts on tv about medical mesh problems, it moves, breaks down, or floats. Someone in my family is having hernia surgery and he is curious if anyone has had this problem. I thank any and all who answer, in advance. Mac

Is there an over the counter substitute for Omeprazole 40 mg?

Posted 19 Dec 2014 by Ron McBride 1 answer

Used foe hiatal hernia and acid reflex.

Do women gain weight by taking the contraceptive pill? If so, would it put weight on me?

Posted 1 Aug 2017 by Jaydee67 0 answers

I am a male and I am terribly under weight. Does anyone know if there is a pill out there that has a side affects of weight gain? I am under 8 stone when my real weight should be nearer 12st, as I am 5"8'. I had a hernia 24 yrs ago, so I was told, but I didn't see or feel it. My ...

Inguinal hernia questions?

Posted 17 Jun 2014 1 answer

hello i went to the doctors today and they said i have an inguinal hernia well i did a bit of research and it says in men a lot of men lose penis erections and even size after such a surgery i dont want to lose any of want i got even thoguh im quite satisfied with my size and do not ever want to ...

My stomach looks bloated but when I lose weight the bloating goes away. Do I have a hernia?

Posted 7 May 2017 by matthew_431 0 answers

I tend to pass wind more frequently. Also my belly button doesn't stick out.

Inerguial hernia which cannot be treated?

Posted 25 Apr 2017 by Batman 1 0 answers

I have a very, very, large hernia, I have had it for almost two years now. It is now so large that it has progressed down into my scrotum. I have been tested by a surgeon and have even been on the operating table, but before the operation could begin, I had another heart-attack, the third one. The ...

Can half of a stomach herniate into a hiatal hernia?

Posted 12 Apr 2017 by BADETT 1 answer

I had a Ct scan and Dr. said I had an unusual hiatal hernia and half of my stomach was above my diaphragm!

Bile Reflux - Does anyone else feel so depressed with all the symptoms, pain nausea and I also get?

Posted 3 Jan 2017 by Steve 100 1 answer

... bad diarrhea ,I had my gallbladder removed 6yrs ago, I really wish I could put it back, I also have severe IBS acid reflux and hiatus hernia. I just feel as if life isn't worth living.

I have been on inflectra since febuary last year since then I have suffered retinal vein occlusion?

Posted 9 Feb 2017 by Katynan 1 answer

... and pain and headaches in my left eye is this related as no other cause can be found ? I have also been diagnosed with acid reflux caused by sliding hiatus hernia

After having a hernia mesh implant is it possible to develop lymphoma?

Posted 10 Dec 2016 by Littlestinker1 1 answer

After my husband had surgery he had a hernia mesh implant and since then he has had a soma surgery for ( diverticulitis ) and so on now he has peripheral t-cell non-hopskin lymphoma .are there any connection between the two?

Is there a doctor anywhere in Australia who is prepared to tap ascites from hernia?

Posted 15 Sep 2016 by Lesley McIntyre1956 1 answer

This hernia was created by excess ascites and the abdomen muscle split. My partner has been to Cairns Base Hospital 6 times to get this ascites tap done and 6 times he has come home with no result. If there is not a doctor in Australia we will drain the hernia ourselves as we have seen that there ...

Please answer this as I have hypochondriac and I can't sleep without knowing what I have?

Posted 9 Aug 2016 by Batuhan 2 answers

So i have had a hernia surgery before and everything went fine but now (3 years later) after waking up i had pain in my scrotum area and when i checked i had a little ball that can be moved around in the left side of the scrotum but i just have a bit of pain there and nothing else anywhere else.

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