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Hernia Questions

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How do you properly push an inguinal hernia back into place so I can temporarily wear a hernia belt?

This is only until I have surgery

OxyContin - op 30 how long does it take work?

for pain?

Inguinal Hernia - My son tried pushing the hernia back in and caused it more pain is he going to be?

... ok. Everyone's freaking him out saying he's going to die just because he pushed it in

Inguinal Hernia - I had laproscopic left inguinal repair with mesh on 12/22/14. Pain after was not?

... bad but had trouble lifting my left leg to get into the car for about three weeks. On 2/18/15, I began having severe pain in the area of the repair. Pain was so bad that I was unable to stand up straight and unable to bear weight on left leg. Only relief was pushing on painful spot to give it... read more

Diazepam - I will be taking my first 5mg dose of Diazapam tonight. I was wondering what to expect? I

... am also taking 40 mg Omeprazole per day to each acid reflux caused by a sliding Hiatal Hernia. I understand there is a moderate side effect taking this combination of medications but my pharmacist says to take the medications a couple of hours apart and I should be OK? I have never been on a... read more

Can I take pregabalin with tramadol?

I’m suffering intense hernia pain. I also have liver cirrhosis.

Inguinal hernia questions?

hello i went to the doctors today and they said i have an inguinal hernia well i did a bit of research and it says in men a lot of men lose penis erections and even size after such a surgery i dont want to lose any of want i got even thoguh im quite satisfied with my size and do not ever want to... read more

Is there an over the counter substitute for Omeprazole 40 mg?

Used foe hiatal hernia and acid reflex.

Hiatal hernia causing shortness of breath?

I’m new to this website so haven’t read much of the questions but just wondering if anyone? I have suffered with shortness of breath and feeling like you can’t fill your lungs due to a hiatal hernia. I’ve been having issues with my breathing for over 6 months now and... read more

Aortic Aneurysm - Thoracabdominal Aneurysm Repair?

Had an open aneurysm repair surgery on 5/22/21. On 2/22/23 had hernia surgery with mesh surgery. Still experiencing pain in my left side. Taking Oxycodone 15mg and using ZTlido pain patches! Still have pain 24/7. Surgeon states my rib cage and stomach were cut during the surgery and pain may last... read more

Stopping buprenorphine/ naloxone prior to surgery?

Just been diagnosed with a spigelian hernia that will require surgery. My consultation with the surgeon is monday. I have been on buprenorphine/naloxone for chronic back pain since February 2023. Because buprenorphine blocks other opioids that I will need for postoperative pain management, I have... read more

I have gerd, hiatal hernia, prescribed omeprazole, it causes burning pain in my chest, why?

I feel worse after I take it. Anyone else have this problem?

I believe my husband has a inguinal hernia. how can you really tell and how can he put it back?

He has had a hernia i know since 2012 we told he did we believe he has one. His did checked and said yes I can fell it right here and did nothing about it. Well now I believe I has gotten very bad and worse were it has became a inguinal hernia. what can he do about it and the pain? Please help.... read more

Are there topical gel or cream Rx for muscle relaxation?

I have cervical and lumbar disk damage, afflicted area muscle tightness and spasm , both areas are pre-existing conditions and can cause pain, stiffness and headache, looking for reasonable intensity non-internal solution for afflicted area only relief?

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