... bad but had trouble lifting my left leg to get into the car for about three weeks. On 2/18/15, I began having severe pain in the area of the repair. Pain was so bad that I was unable to stand up straight and unable to bear weight on left leg. Only relief was pushing on painful spot to give it support. Pain went away after about 5 minutes and only happened after emptying bladder. Now almost two weeks later, pain is getting worse and more regular.It now hurts to stand straight most of the time and kills to pick up my granddaughter. I need to know if this is normal as my family doctor said to deal with it for 6 months and if it isn't gone, we can try something different. My job keeps me active and I regularly lift well over 3 ton of product throughout each shift. I can't be in pain like this for 6 months. Should I be contacting my surgeon? Could the mesh tear apart? Could the hernia return? Could it be infected- my whole body now aches, especially my left arm, hip, knee, ankle, and shoulder. Joint and muscle pain throughout the body. Just need to know if wait it out or go see surgeon. Please give your thoughts