hello i went to the doctors today and they said i have an inguinal hernia well i did a bit of research and it says in men a lot of men lose penis erections and even size after such a surgery i dont want to lose any of want i got even thoguh im quite satisfied with my size and do not ever want to lose any of it but any ways untill my surgery can i do light road biking 3 miles 3 times a week with 3 core 10 min core workouts up until my surgery i realize i should not lift weights but what about light core and light bike riding to keep me sane also can i do light jelqing still prior to my surgery and i realize i should stop wearing the extender and penis pump i have already stopped that for 2 weeks now but i was wondering if i can keep jelqing and ill probabally need to stop all workout completly after my surgery for at least a month huh but i like to stay in peak condition please do keep me informed i appreiate this very much thanks Zac oh one more thing can i have sex before my surgey or masterbate also i have a season passs to kings dominion will this hernia stop me from riding any rides at the park sorry thansk again