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Which is more effective, Beano or Gas-X for gas from ulcerative colitis?

I have much flatulence from ulcerative colitis.

I have had this pain in my upper torso, right below my diaphram?

it runs side to side, by my rib cage and right in the middle between my rib cages. I cannotseem to get rid of thiss pain no matter what I take. Tums, acid reducers, gas x, rainditine, you name it. I have now had it for 3 days. I have had it in the past, never figured it out then either, but this... read more

Gas-X - can a 2 1/2 year old girl take gas x?

Is it safe to take Gas X with diverticulitis?

Will Gas-X (extra strength) relieve heartburn?

Gas-X - For approximately two years, I have been experiencing a very enlarged stomach after eating;?

I've had x-rays, multiple tests, a colonscophy, tests and treatment for infection, etc. I've even followed the fodmap diet to some degree. Nothing resolves this problem. Never any pain, just a very enlarged stomach. My gastroenterologist has no answer at this point. I've just started... read more

I have pain under my left rib cage, front to back. It feels like a cramp?

It hurts to sit or stand. I find some comfort if I am lying on my stomach. It doesn't hurt to take deep breaths. I have taken Gas-X and that hasn't helped.

Is it safe to take Gas x and dulcolax together?

How to manage bloating on Lyrica?

I am trying to manage my sodium. Also drinking lots of water. I noticed warm water is better because cold water makes it worse. Does Gas-x pills help? What has helped you? I get so bloated /my stomach hurts where I have to lay down with a heating pad. It's uncomfortable feeling standing up. I... read more

Taking both Xarelto and Plavix?

Anyone taking these two drugs and are ok with them? Anyone know if you can safely take Gas X and Miralax with them?

My daughter is four and she just ate 5 chewable tablets of gas x?

its only been 20 min but i'm worried is this an overdose what do i do or is she going to be fine?

Will gas-x softgels interfere with birth control?

Will gas-x interfere with birth control?

Can you take Gas X strips an hour or so after taking prune juice?

I took the prune juice for constipation but it just made me gassy. now I'm miserable from the gas. Is it safe to take Gas X an hour or so after drinking prune juice because they both contain sorbitol? I wasn't sure?

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