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Fluid Retention Questions

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How long does it take the fluid retention to subside after finishing prednisone?

Posted 9 Jul 2012 by majonek 1 answer

I have been on a 3 week weaning dose of prednisone. I swear I've had a 10 lb weight gain, mostly fluid. Please help.

Can xarelto cause abdominal bloating and fluid retention?

Posted 9 Jul 2013 by karleen63 2 answers

I have been taking Xarelto for 4 months

I have an under active thyroid. Does this also give me gross fluid retention in feet and legs??

Posted 11 Nov 2016 by Lynda McEachran 1 answer

I have had an under active thyroid,{ hypothyroidism }, for at least 5 years, but I am allergic to thyroxine, and so take liothyronine 2 tabs a day. At the moment I have developed grossly swollen feet and legs. I have usually got edema, but not as bad as this time, as I couldn't get my ...

Indapamide - I've come off this and am having serious rebound water retention. How long will it?

Posted 28 Sep 2016 by NatashaJane 1 answer

... last? I've been off it 2 weeks and am up about 10 pounds

Does Prozac cause water retention? I've been on Prozac for two weeks and have gain two pounds. It's?

Posted 14 Sep 2016 by Vanilla27 1 answer

... really weird and I haven't been eating differently. I think it could be water weight since my rings feel a bit tight. Has anyone experienced this? Thanks!

Fluid and Electrolye Imbalance - What would be the best perscription medication for fluid retention?

Posted 15 Sep 2016 by 1455 0 answers

It happenes when in humid weather. Going to Bali so need a medication

What can I take (as of now) to reduce fluid retention from Prednisone?

Posted 14 Aug 2016 by LeiahV93 1 answer

I have been and still am on Prednisone. My doctor had me take 100mg for 2 weeks and 50mg for 1 week and are weaning me off in 3 week doses. 40mg for 3 weeks, 30, 20, 10, 5 all for 3 weeks until I'm finished with the pills. I am starting 20mg on 8-15-16. I have gained 25lbs since 6-20-16. What ...

Has anyone experienced water retention on Harvoni?

Posted 9 Aug 2016 by abs0728 1 answer

After several days on the medication, my ankles, calves and legs are extremely swollen. By the end of the day, it's really bad. Anyone else have this issue? I am a vegetarian, eat whole foods only, no sugar. I tried eliminating salt and it didn't help.

Know anything about lipedema?

Posted 3 Aug 2016 by Deannpowell 1 answer

Anoro Ellipta - can Anoro cause fluid retention?

Posted 2 Aug 2016 by ctchambe 0 answers

Does Linzess help prevent water retention?

Posted 17 Jul 2016 by Mkwat374 0 answers

I have started Linzess and it is helping my IBSC. I also have noted my hands and feet are less swollen

Does irbesartan cause leg/ankle swelling?

Posted 16 May 2016 by mygarden 1 answer

I've been on irbesartan (150 mg in the morning and 150 mg at bedtime) for about two months now and have been unable to diminish my leg/ankle swelling despite taking lasix (40 mg) and now hydrochlorothiazide (12.5 mg for the past week). I've also been on digoxin (125 mcg.), metoprolol ...

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