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How long does it take for ankle swelling to reduce after taking Lasix?


Lin_Z_Rae 20 Sep 2015

It helped me almost immediately, took 9 lbs of water weight off and have not been feeling urge to get up and urinate in the night. However, keep an ample supply of bananas, Gatorade and water. You will need to replenish the electrolytes and potassium.

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Lin_Z_Rae 20 Sep 2015

I just got a call from the nurse on call after being off of Lasix for 2 days and on Spironolactone instead. Which did not work. The leg swelling is back full force. With any luck I will have my refill request processed by an on call md tomorrow morning when the pharmacy opens. Gained the 9 lbs of fluid back also. Yikes! Assuming the edema is also around the heart, since technically I was dx with peripheral Edema.

Apple12345 20 Feb 2017

Hi,, did you need to take any other retention or health supplements with Lasix?

Lin_Z_Rae 25 Feb 2017

No, I didn't need any other supplement. However, make sure it is water edema only that's causing swelling because for me it turned out to be a blood clot in my legs that went to my lungs.

Apple12345 25 Feb 2017

Thanks for this... I was advised water but will.keep an eye on it

Johnny_L 4 July 2017

My physician gave me a prescription of Potassium to take with the Lasix as Lasix depletes the body's Potassium in the process of eliminating excess fluid.

Pat H 19 Oct 2017

Please read the ingredients on anything you put in your mouth. Gatorade and all other sports drinks have high sodium and very little potassium. I have been using furosemide since I was 14 and am now in my 80s. I am always on a very low sodium diet. If you want a drink that is high in potassium, choose Low Sodium V8 juice. 1180 mg of potassium in a 12 oz can. This is in pill terms, 30 meq and much easier on the stomach. I also will put 1/4 tsp of NO SALT in 12 oz of orange juice sometimes in the morning to get the same effect but it has more calories by far. As one DR said on the Spokane news, the marathon racers would be much better off if they were given orange juice instead of the sports drinks and it might lessen by far, the number of contestants that have heart issues. Potassium pills are as hard as asprins or more so on the stomach so when you can find good food or drink substitutes, go with them.


Bananas are fairly good but look at the calories and the same is true of a baked potato. I keep two lists side by side and both are high potassium. One is low calorie and one is the higher calorie foods. All are lower sodium. I do not need to add more sodium to make me swell more.

Loverof3cats 18 April 2018

Thank you for this information about treating leg and foot swelling, which came on suddenly a week ago. Also have abdomen distention. On Lasix for 2 days only, no relief yet. Having scans in 2 weeks to find cause. Thanks for info about low sodium V8 juice, will try that. Drinking extra water, no soft drinks, do not use salt. Will start taking magnesium also which has great benefits. Thanks.

kaismama 19 April 2014

Lasix starts working fairly rapidly and you'll find you're going to the bathroom allot. The edema will decrease in a few hours and after a day or two should be almost normal. Of course a low salt diet and getting your legs elevated helps too.

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Apple12345 20 Feb 2017

Elevating my legs hasn't helped hoping these do... did you need to take any other health supplements with them? free discount card

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