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First time fleet enema, did I do it right? Was very constipated...

Posted 9 Aug 2013 by michellexxx12 5 answers

So I just took a fleet enema for the first time because I was very constipated. I held it in and it almost immediately caused me to have bowel movement. I figured that because of this I let go of the enema too soon so I injected a few more times but after nothing really came out except for the ...

What if an enema doesn't work?

Posted 13 Sep 2016 by Kelliepruitt 2 answers

I've tried 2 enemas and they don't work, whT should I do?

Fleet Enema - What is the difference between knowing if your constipated or have a possible impact?

Posted 21 Sep 2017 by Bcland 1 answer

... on. I do not feel the need to poop. Although I know I should, if I bare down a little I can push out tiny amount of gas, but I still don't feel like I have stool to pass. But it's been 4 days today since I haven't had a bowel movement. Tried tons of water, warm lemon/apple/ginger ...

Fleet Enema - I have been constipated for 2wks now... I took stool softener for 4days but when I?

Posted 10 Aug 2017 by LivinDeadGirl91 4 answers

... still hadn't gone I took a stimulant laxative that was expired, it gave me cramping but didn't work at all, so I took 2 doses of miralax in 24hrs but woke up this morning and was so uncomfortable with abdominal bloating, fullness and just so uncomfortable that I decided to try an ...

Why do I still feel constipated after using fleet enema and using the restroom ?

Posted 18 Mar 2017 by theylovemichie 1 answer

I used fleet enema and it made me use the restroom but it has been 24 hours and I still feel constipated. It doesn't hurt as bad as before but I still feel like something is in there but I don't have the urge to use the restroom. Should I use another fleet enema or take a laxative ??? Any ...

I used Fleet enema and only a little bit has come out and I keep having the urge to go but I'll only

Posted 20 Aug 2016 by Wanttoknowplease 1 answer

... fart or a little liquid will come out

Fleet Enema - I gave myself an enema about 40 minutes ago and absolutely nothing at all came out,, I

Posted 22 Mar 2017 by RonaldJ 0 answers

... haven't had a movement in 3-4 days. I had a colostomy take down surgery 10 months ago and I am really starting to freak out what should I do??? HELP!!!

Are my unusual bowel movements normal after the use of a fleet enema?

Posted 20 May 2018 by SelfTaughtNurse 1 answer

Hi. Male age 35 . I take stool softener every day due to my constipation caused by pain meds. I missed my softener dose 5 days in a row, causing me to get blocked up bad. This led to a bad case of thrombosed external hemorrhoids. Was prescribed the fleet saline enema. Used as directed I was able to ...

Fleet enema used as prescribed and still no results?

Posted 12 Dec 2016 by Litehouselady 3 answers

I feel I've been constipated for two weeks I finally used an enema today and after five minutes nothing happened I still have not had a bowel movement I did follow the directions And I used three quarters of the bottle and yet still nothing what the heck so now what do I need to go to the ...

Fleet Enema - I used my first ever Saline enema. It was the most horrible experience ever. After an?

Posted 22 Feb 2018 by Ashattack691 2 answers

... hour on the toliet pooping, shaking, sweating, cramping, and crying I thought it was all over. And now, 5 hours later I still have the urge to go but everytime I try all I pass is a orange/red mucus? When will this stop? Is this normal? Also it burns. It hasn't stopped burning all day

So I have had my very first enema about an hour ago now and wow?

Posted 1 May 2018 by Sudsy 0 answers

I am in my 30's and just tried one for the first time after hearing how they can help people with constipation. I have been constipated for a month now and thought I'd give it a try. The moment the enema finished and I removed the nozzle ... well I didn't think it would ever end... ...

I am interested in using an enema to remove toxins?

Posted 16 Apr 2018 by bbwms 0 answers

I have just started to use an enema to remove toxins Does anyone have experience and interested in share their results?

I took a brown cow enema at home and it followed with diarrhea, is this even normal?

Posted 13 Mar 2018 by Britjohns9195 0 answers

I went to the ER and was told to take a brown cow enema at home. I am 19 weeks pregnant and haven't had a decent bowel movement for over 8 weeks. So i did the brown cow enema and held it in for as long as i possibly could, but then for the next hour and a half it was like a waterfall coming ...

Held the fleet enema down for 40 minutes and had no urge to go then I pushed out?

Posted 15 Feb 2018 by Olivia22 0 answers

When pushed, only the water came with barely any stool. Should I be concerned?

Is it normal to feel pain/discomfort after an enema?

Posted 22 Jan 2018 by anxietygirl4 0 answers

I’m a young girl and just had my first Enema about an hour ago. I have had chronic constipation for 3 yrs and it’s been worse within the last 6 months. I was able to pass stool, but currently I am in pain in my stomach, and lower bowl area. Also, I have pain inside and around my bottom. ...

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