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Eating Disorder Questions

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What causes shortness of breath after eating?

I have recently been but on Paxil for anxiety disorder.I dont want to gain weight. How to avoid it?

I am 19 I have always suffered anxiety but it was now unbearable. I couldn't get any sleep and was barely eating. I am now taking paxil 20 mg a day and I am worried this will cause a weight gain. I have always been a fit healthy girl. I eat well and exercise daily. I am hoping there is a way... read more

Will Lexapro help with binge eating disorder?

I am a freshman in college and have been struggling with binge eating disorder, anxiety, and major depression. I love the school I attend, but for some reason I am always emotional and binge eating for comfort. Has anyone taken Lexapro and experienced less binges? I'm hoping with less... read more

Does omeprazole work well for acid reflux?

For the past week I have had a terrible burning sensation in my stomach after eating, nausea and even gagging/vomiting. Making me feel miserable! The GP has given me omeprazole - anyone tried this for acid reflux? How long does it take to work? I have taken it for two days now and had to leave... read more

Weight gain when quitting tramadol!?

I know this sounds really superficial but since i've stopped taking tramadol i can't stop eating!! I've put on a stone in 2 weeks!! Just wondered if anyone has had a similar problem and suggestions barring the obvious! I think i'm using it as a psychological distraction/coping... read more

Has anyone lost the weight they put on from gabapentin?

I have put on 40lbs in 5 months from this stuff. I just learned tonight that this was the cause and I am so angry. I am dosing down starting now then quitting all together. Will I lose the weight? I have been starving myself for months and developed a bit of a eating disorder because I... read more

Ozempic - What do I do if weight loss stops?

I gained 50 kilos from Hashimotos, an under active thyroid problem. Ozempic has helped me lose 20 kilos in 4 months but the weight loss has stopped even though I am barely eating. I need to lose at least another 15-20 kilos to be a healthy weight and to help with other health problems. Has anyone... read more

Topamax for eating disorder (binge eating/bulimia)?

Hello everyone. This is my first post here and I really need your support and your experience. I've been suffering from eating disorder for 6 years now (1 year anorexia, 5 years binge and bulimia). I've been put on Topamax 100 mg for binge eating/bulimia and it's only one month... read more

Has anyone taken Zoloft and couldn’t stop eating?

I started taking Zoloft last week for social anxiety, since then it seems like I can’t stop eating. Has anyone had this problem, and if so,did your appetite go back to normal ?

What kinds of medications would help with sleep deprivation and insomnia?

In relations with sleep deprivation and insomnia what medications can be beneficial to the patient when they are having trouble sleeping and or not sleeping at all. If the patient is sleep walking should they be taking any tranquillisers as a medication. How can I support some-one that has... read more

What medication other than Bentyl could be used for stomach spasms?

Pt is a 52 y/o male who has severe vomiting within minutes of eating. Currently taking, Bentyl 20 mg TID, Omeprazole 150 mg in AM. Has had EDG, endoscopy, colonoscopy w/biopsy; all neg results. Has tested neg for Celiac disease.

Stomach growling, blubbling?

A few months ago i went to the doctor about nausea after eating. Turned out my stomach had too much acid in it to digest food, due to poor diet. I was prescribed Ranitilidine and it basically sorted me out. :) However up until last week my stomachs/abdomen started to bubble, gurgle and rumble... read more

How long must I wait before eating, if drugs must be taken on an empty stomach?

How long before eating when drugs need to be taken on an empty stomach?

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