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Why do stroke patients sometimes quit eating & drinking? what medicine help? tried megace?

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missy2 18 Mar 2010

i'm not sure what medication you can take to help but when my daddy was having small strokes it was hard for him to eat and drink because he was afraid he was going to choke and he was unable to tell us that at first so his sitter would cut up food into tiny pieces and let him pick it up with his fingers and we got him a tupper ware sippy cup and one of us would hold it giving him small sips until he was able to feel the liquid around his tongue and not choke when he did take meds they were chrushed up in applesauce or given in a liquid form whatever was easiest for my daddy. i hope this has answered your question.missy

shicks 18 Mar 2010

Thanks Missy. I tried cuttin up his food & puree but, he still won't try to eat. i know it's because he's afraid he will get choked. I haven't tried the sippy cup that's a thought! THANKS.

missy2 18 Mar 2010

do you have a large syringe without the needle you could put some pudding or jello and squeeze a little at a time how old is this person if i may ask you know that ensure doen't smell right to me but if your trying to get nurishment in maybe we could think of something good i'll try and remember all the stuff i did for my daddy we got him eating pretty good.i'll pray for you and your family. missy

itsmetoo2 18 Mar 2010

My neighbor had to go on thickin yuck !! I got chocolate cool whip for her, Then I took what ever favorite canned fruit and fluffed it up in a blender so it went down easy and mixed it with cool whip too. I got a little in her to take at a time.

Do you think maybe intentionally they do not want to eat. They might think this is end of life. You need to open up and explain God will not take you before it is your time.

missy2 18 Mar 2010

thought this little blep might help:

Swallowing problems may be due to lack of proper attention when eating or damage to the nerves that help you swallow. Symptoms of swallowing problems are:

Symptoms of swallowing problems are:

Coughing or choking, either during or after eating
Gurgling sounds from the throat during or after eating
Throat clearing after drinking or swallowing
Slow chewing or eating
Coughing food back up after eating
Hiccups after swallowing
Chest discomfort during or after swallowing
A speech therapist can help with swallowing and eating difficulties after a stroke.

Diet changes will be recommended. This may include thickening liquids or eating puréed foods.

For some, a permanent feeding tube, called a gastrostomy, will be needed.

Sometimes, high calorie foods or food supplements which contain extra calories and certain vitamins or minerals are needed to avoid weight loss and keep you or your loved one healthy.

shicks 18 Mar 2010

My dad is 83. I've tried ensure, he was drinking it well but, a month ago he just quit drinking. He takes fluids in his mouth but, holds it. Sometimes he tries to spit it out! Sometimes I can talk him into swallowing. I think he's afraid to swallow because he gets strangle most of the time. We have tried just about everything we can think of. I care for him by myself. Thanks for your prays missy2!

shicks 18 Mar 2010

HE HAS a peg tube & he has been evaluated by a speech therapist, they said his swallowing is fine.

missy2 18 Mar 2010

i feel like when it's your time god will prepare you and your family all the signs will be there that god is in control but until then, it is our responsiblity to keep the sick safe and comfortable and if it's trying to figure out a new way to get nourishment to the lips of a stroke patient then so be it. i was not ready for god to take my daddy when he did go, but i understand the reason i lost alot of fundmentalist church friends when my daddy was sick he was 81 had had 4 major strokes was in a coma and my so called church family was upset because i would not pray for him to be healed and get out of bed etc. my prayer was for jesus to take him home to that final resting place god granted me my prayer while i had his hand in mine he drew his last breath and i felt his spirit leave his body knowing i had done everything in my power to keep him comfortable til his time came.missy

shicks 18 Mar 2010

I feel u Missy2. My dad church family abandoned him too. i do the best i can to keep him comfortable but, it is so hard! To watch my dad to go from being active & living by himself to not being able to do nothing for his self. not to mention, no one cares! but, we still have God., and i pray for all my family & church friends. God only knows the reaping that's in store. thanks missy2 it's helps to talk to someone.

missy2 18 Mar 2010

do you have family or are you the only one i was fortune enough to have good help and 2 aunts my daddys sisters to help once in a while oh yea the prodigal son my daddy lived with me and died in my home we all wanted it that way i also had hospice and they were a great help use every bit of help you can get and take time for yourself if you can there will be stars in your crown for the care you give i don't know what your sitution is but mine turn out to be recieving a long a waited baby 6 weeks after my daddy passed in fact he was born the weekend daddy went into a coma i guess it's true someone dies and another is born we adopted our baby son we didn't know anything about him at the time god does work in his own time.missy

shicks 18 Mar 2010

I have 4 sisters & 1 brother. Only 1 sister & bother lives in the same area as I. Their not much help, my brother works all time & my sister only comes around when it suits her. But, I ask the lord to give me strength to do what is expected of me & don't worry about them... I can't because i'm stressed out enough. My other sisters calls every once in awhile. Dad has been here 2 yrs. hope the lord bless him with many more! Thanks Missy2 hope we can talk again.

missy2 18 Mar 2010

have you felt my prayers today? not to get personal but what state do ya'll live in. missy free discount card

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