Hello everyone. This is my first post here and I really need your support and your experience.
I've been suffering from eating disorder for 6 years now (1 year anorexia, 5 years binge and bulimia).
I've been put on Topamax 100 mg for binge eating/bulimia and it's only one month since I started taking it. I know I have to wait but I didn't noticed anything but depression, anger, restlessness. I still binge, I'm still very hungry, I work out but I hate it and feel more frustrated than ever.
This is my real second time on Topamax, but actually it's the forth time on this drug. Six years ago I took Topamax just for a month, three years ago I took it for two years, then for less than a month and now it's been a month. I don't take into account the first and the third time because they were just a month.
The second time I took Topamax, it worked quite good. I got rid of 44lbs and this helped me a lot building some social life and living again. But the side effects were a high price to pay: I experienced memory loss, dizziness, I couldn't speak properly. In addition, I gained and lost pounds several times because, after the first months, I started binging again. But my weight was normal so I could do other things. I could have a life. But after two years I decided to quit Topamax because my obsession about food was unbearable as well as the inability to study. I gained all the weight back, even if I was working out, I was binging less, I was (and still am) eating more healthy. I'm back to a situation that I can't stand. I'm overweight again, I'm depressed, I think I'm not worth anything.
So I got back to my psychiatrist who gave me topamax again but after a month I'm still binging, more depressed and frustrated than before.

Has anyone ever taken Topamax for more than once? How about weight loss if taken for the second or even third time? I'm afraid it won't work this time :(

Tell me about your experience on Topamax.
Thank you all :)