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What are some common side effects of antidepressants?

Is doxepin likely to cause weight gain?

I've had trouble sleeping for years now. I took Seroquel for a long time, and it did help me sleep, but it also seemed to cause me to gain a lot of weight (which I couldn't lose even with dieting and exercise). My doctor switched me to Lunesta, but that didn't seem to help my... read more

Is 10mg of Doxepin too high a dose for sleep problems?

I was prescribed Doxepin for sleep problems, but the prescription is for 10mg caplets. All I have read suggest 3mg or 6 mg for insomnia; 150-300mg for anti-drepression. Is 10mg too much to start for trying to help my insomnia? will it have some of the side effects noted for the higher... read more

Will doxepin, clonazapam, or zoloft show positive on a drug screening, and under what category?

My 23 year old son has been in rehab twice in the past two years and was released from the last treatment center 3 months ago. His drugs of choice were hydrocodone, oxycontin, methamphetamine, and marijuana. He has started to fall into old patterns that make his wife and I concerned that he may be... read more

Does anyone know if methocarbamol can help with ativan withdrawals? Thank you?

I have been taking ms contin for about 4 years which I have cut back on. Also doxepin for about a month which I quit abruptly, vistaril & alcohol. I went to the hospital, I could hardly walk & I have afib & my heart was pounding. They have me ativan iv & I got 60 tablets from the Dr... read more

How relatively well does Doxepin work for insomnia?

I've had trouble sleeping and with insomnia since I was a kid. I had trouble with Ambien. It made me hallucinate and sleep eat. I wasvon 200mg of Seroquel with great relief but my new therapist said Doxepin didnt have as many side effects as Seroquel. Although I read mixed reviews in a Q&A... read more

I just received a false positive for methamphetamine?

I currently take oxycodone 10mg qid, oxycontin 40mg bid, Atripla, doxepin 100mg, clonazepam 3mg, tamulosin .4mg, trazodone 100mg, cyclobenzaprine 30mg, gabapentin 1500mg, gemfibrozil 600mg, dutasteride .5mg, azelastine hci 205.5mcg, ProAir albuterol sulfate inhalation aerosol. For 2 weeks I was... read more

Doxepin - is ita controlled substance?

Doxepin not working for sleep?

Hope somebody help I have life long insomnia I took benzo Xanax 1 mg and amitriptyline 125 mg for 21 years gp stopped Xanax (in UK) changed my meds to doxepin only I was taking 125 mg at night sleeping very good but it gave me a minor panic attack feeling suffocating of throat so after a year... read more

Does Chantix goes with doxepin,Remeron, melatonin?

Does a 20mg dose of fluoxetine taken every 24 hours work till next dose taken 24 hours later?

After a debilitating head injury 30 years ago, and as a result of serious depression from that event; 20mg Fluoxetine (originally Prozac) in the morning, and 25mg doxepin at night, which was essentially to promote sleep, were prescribed. Both meds have consistently been used & worked well.... read more

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