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Is doxepin likely to cause weight gain?

Posted 2 Apr 2011 by hope316 4 answers

I've had trouble sleeping for years now. I took Seroquel for a long time, and it did help me sleep, but it also seemed to cause me to gain a lot of weight (which I couldn't lose even with dieting and exercise). My doctor switched me to Lunesta, but that didn't seem to help my ...

Is taking doxepin and Elavil together wrong?

Posted 29 Aug 2017 by alcon1502 0 answers

Does doxepin and Elavil taken together have a drug interaction? My doctor gave me 25 mg doxepin and asked to discontinue Elavil. However my Elavil dose is 10mg and to quit it causes headaches. Yours comments would be appreciated.

Anybody have good results with either doxepin or razodone for insomnia? I was on Remeron and ...

Posted 22 Jun 2017 by luke uno 4 answers

... no dose from 7.5 to 60mgs ever made me tired?

How long for doxepin to help with anxiety?

Posted 23 Jul 2017 by jakemje 2 answers

I have been taking 25mg for almost a week, and I have not had any sedation from this (something that alot of people say it does for them) but I was curious if anyone is taking this medication and had a success with it and how long did it take you to notice a difference? (I know almost all ...

Taking doxepin couple months for insomnia but my boobs are getting too huge & they were already big?

Posted 7 Jul 2017 by 3796riehle 0 answers

... become huge. I already had dd naturally, so this is becoming concerning. Has anyone had this issue with enlarging breasts? Will it level off once I've been on for awhile and stop this side effect ? Or did you find another med for insomnia without this effect? Please let me know, my back ...

Is there any false posatives for doxepin??

Posted 21 May 2017 by Polites88 1 answer

I have been on doxepin for almost 2 months. My dosage is 100 mg?

Posted 3 Apr 2017 by Mommy bear 13 1 answer

Has anyone gained weight on this medication?

I take Prozac and doxepin together?

Posted 28 Jan 2017 by Whozwats 3 answers

Ive been taking Prozac 60 mg in the am and doxepin 50 mg in the the pm and i just read about a drug interactions. I'm freaking out now and don't know if i should go to ER because i have a few symptoms of serotonin syndrome. I don't know what to do I tried calling doctor but he ...

Is 10 mg equal to 10ml doxepin hcl concentrate?

Posted 20 Jan 2017 by ritab28 1 answer

Sinequan - Headaches, I'm getting them all the time?

Posted 6 Jan 2017 by coins 1 answer

I'm not one who suffers from headaches but since I've been on " Doxepin, that's a generic" I get weekly and sometimes more headaches. Just wondering if anyone else is having this problem.

Can you mix doxepin with mirtazapine ?

Posted 29 Aug 2016 by Another_user 1 answer

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