I have been taking ms contin for about 4 years which I have cut back on. Also doxepin for about a month which I quit abruptly, vistaril & alcohol. I went to the hospital, I could hardly walk & I have afib & my heart was pounding. They have me ativan iv & I got 60 tablets from the Dr then another refill. Back to the hospital a week ago & they said I was withdrawing from ativan & they sent me home with a script of 24 ativan. That was like putting a bandaid on me & saying bye. I have too many Dr's giving me too many things. I'm trying to get off them but tried too quickly. My concern now is the ativan. I have one 1 mg. left and wonder if the methocarbamol will help me calm down. I have insomnia & took a 3 mg lunesta last night & was up til 4 a.m. I appreciate any help I can get.