I've had trouble sleeping and with insomnia since I was a kid. I had trouble with Ambien. It made me hallucinate and sleep eat. I wasvon 200mg of Seroquel with great relief but my new therapist said Doxepin didnt have as many side effects as Seroquel. Although I read mixed reviews in a Q&A forum on here and I'm concerned. He started me at 10mg at bedtime. Reading some of your answers worried me like jittery, jacked up and anxious feeling. I have an anxiety disorder so do NOT need that. It just not working, I have trouble falling asleep, sometimes stating asleep. My Ativan never really helps with my sleep. Also weight gain! I just worked really hard on life style changes and lost 85 odd over the past year. The next day sleepiness doesn't bother me that much as I don't work or have small kids. Is it worth giving it a try or put my foot down and tell my therapist Seroquel works so well?