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Diazepam Questions

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Is diazepam better than clonazepam?

Diazepam seems like a much more calmer drug for anxiety/panic disorder than clonazepam since 0.5mg of clonazepam equals10mg of diazepam. Am I correct?

Why are most doctors anti diazepam ?

I have struggled for most of my life from early teens to now aged 55 female with severe anxiety. I had a severe breakdown 15 years ago and diazepam literally saved my life. Before being prescribed them I lost weight weighing 5 stone 10 pounds they were the crutch I needed to bring me back from hell... read more

Which is better for anxiety: diazepam or lorazepam?

These drugs seem so similar. I've been given diazepam by one doctor and previously given lorazepam by another; both for anxiety. What's the basic difference in the outcome?

Is Long term diazepam use safe?

I am planning on taking diazepam on a daily basis as i have had enough of my anxiety (have had it for 10 years) I have read a lot of things online advising against taking benzos long term but it seems like the only effective treatment. Can someone please tell me if it is ok to take diazepam daily... read more

Diazepam has no effect for me. Why?

I have absolutely no results from this medication anymore. I have problems with my brain just running way to hard, always running, thinking about anything and everything considered stressful in life. Diazepam doesn't really help. It seems to really do absolutely nothing at all. I have learned... read more

How long after diazepam can I drink alcohol?

It's 7pm now. Throught yesterday I took 40mg of diazepam in 3 pieces, morning, lunch and before bedtime. I heard it's half-life or something is pretty long, like 100-200 hours or something, but it's effects only around 8 hours. I was planning to drink tonight and want to know if... read more

Does anyone take Valium (diazepam) for Fibromyalgia (FM) and Chronic Myofascial pain?

I have been on Valium since 2004. initially for CMP and continued with it when FM was diagnosed. My Dr stopped it recently he could not justify why. Now the only muscle relaxant I am on is Amitriptyline 25mg at night and this does nothing to ease the muscles at all.I intend to see my specialist to... read more

Will diazepam relieve my dental anxiety?

I suffer from dental anxiety because of a horrible experience I had in the dentist's chair when I was 16. After that happened, I didn't go in for a few years. But when I went in they told me I needed a cavity filling. I was so scared the first time I scheduled it that I didn't even... read more

Is there any benzo stronger than diazepam?

I take 40mg. a day in divided doses but need stronger pill.

What is diazepam dosage regimen for alcohol withdrawal?

I have alcohol withdrawal symptoms and some diazepam 5 mg tablets. how many pills should I take, and how often should I take them to help with the withdrawal ?

What generic brands of diazepam work - not Mylan?

I have read & heard that the generic Mylan brand of diazepam doesn't work as it should. My insurance will not cover the brand name & it's pretty expensive. What other generic brands are out there that DO work? I use CVS as my pharmacy

Diazepam - What dosage is needed when diazapam is used to treat symptoms of TMJ?

After nearly two decades of suffering from daily pain from grinding and clenching my teeth, my doctor has prescribed me 2mg diazepam and 500mg naproxen to be taken before bed. However, he openly admits that he isn't an expert on TMJ so I am wondering what others have been prescribed and if... read more

How many 2mg diazepam wud be fatal if overdosed?

Does Diazepam induse a deeper state of sleep?

So i know this may be an easy question to answer but i was recently prescribed it for anxiety and sudden anger outbursts. I have to say i have NEVER IN MY LIFE have had such VIVID dreams. I am just wondering if this if from the drug itself or the effect of the drug relaxing my body enough to... read more

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