I suffer from dental anxiety because of a horrible experience I had in the dentist's chair when I was 16. After that happened, I didn't go in for a few years. But when I went in they told me I needed a cavity filling. I was so scared the first time I scheduled it that I didn't even walk into the office. I called and told them I was sick. So I rescheduled and went the second time, but with my mom and as I was in the chair, I was crying and she was holding my hand. It was horrible.

Now, I have to get a root canal on one of my bottom front teeth. It's very in the front so at least they won't be digging in the back. The endodontist prescribed me 2 tablets of 10mg diazepam, one to take the night before to help me sleep, and one to take an hour before the appointment.

What makes me most anxious is not being in control in the chair and the dentist being so close and crowding over me. I also don't like it when I can't swallow, which I think I might be able to do even though my mouth will be propped open (or so I've heard).

I'm just wondering if this will relieve my anxiety, make me sleep possibly, or not have an efect. (Is 10 mg a lot?) If size matters, I'm very small. 5 ft and 110 lbs.