I've had a very painful toothache going on two weeks now. I went to the dentist and he said I have an abscess on my bottom right molar. The problem is, the pain has lessened on the side where the abscess is and is on the left side of my mouth. It's throbbing and sore, to the point where I can't close my mouth and I think either the nerve pain is being transferred to one of my top teeth (like a ghost pain) or the infection has spread and I've developed more abscesses. They put me on Amoxicillin to get rid of the pain and the infection, but it's not relieving any pain. I've tried home remedies (clove, salt and pepper mixture, onion,poking a hole in an advil tab and putting the liquid on the hurt tooth, etc) and a select number of pain meds such as aleve and ibuprofen, but nothing is working at all. I'm not old enough to use alcohol or anything such as that. And yes, I've used countless ice packs and a heating pad but NOTHING helps. I'd like to relieve as much pain as possible until the dentist calls back and sets up the appointment for my root canal. Please help!!