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Depression Questions

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Wellbutrin and drinking?

I just started 150 ml Bupropion 2 days ago. My doctor recommended it for depression and anxiety. While I do struggle with both as my work and home life are very hectic, I have never taken anything ...

Posted 22 Mar 2013 44 answers

When is the best time to take zoloft ?

I feel dopey in the morning and wonder if better taken in evening.

Posted 30 May 2011 9 answers

Does Wellbutrin help with anxiety?

I have been on a 150 mg of Wellbutrin for over a month now and was just increased to 300mg. I know I have depression and have finally resolved to the medication but with my teaching school year ...

Posted 1 Jun 2011 8 answers

How effective is Wellbutrin on motivation/weight mgmt/sex drive?

For those who have been on Wellbutrin/Buproprion... can you rate your experience in the following areas and what dosage level you are on ? (1) motivation(feeling of getting things accomplished) (2) ...

Posted 30 Jan 2013 18 answers

How long until Lexapro starts to make me feel better?

I just started on Lexapro 5 days ago. The doctor prescribed 10mg but told me to break it in half and take 5mg for the first week. She told me I could take it in the morning, but that it might make me ...

Posted 22 Oct 2013 26 answers

Does Sertraline Cause Weight Gain?

I know that everyone has diffrent side effects, I am just wondering if weight gain is a common one. I am hoping that it is not. I need treatment for my deppression but am affraid of gaining alot of ...

Posted 17 Dec 2011 7 answers

What do you feel like when an antidepressant starts to work I have major depression anxiety ptsd?

On lexapro 19 days no relief so far please help

Posted 7 Jul 2013 15 answers

How long does zoloft take to work ?

Could anyone tell me from their experience with zoloft... how long it takes to start feeling the benefits of taking this medicine ? Thank you very much !

Posted 13 May 2011 6 answers

Has anyone noticed weight gain with Celexa?

I had been on Wellbutrin but had to stop due to increased agitation and rage issues. I am now on Celexa and have noticed weight gain. I also wake up with puffiness around the eyes. Has anyone ...

Posted 30 Sep 2009 50 answers

Is Lexapro safe to use during pregnancy?

I am 14 weeks pregnant and chose to go off of Lexapro when I found out I was pregnant. I am horribly depressed but have chosen to stay off of the Lexapro due to the possible affects on the fetus. ...

Posted 27 Jan 2007 16 answers

What is a good medication for severe major depression?

I have been treated for depression for over 20yrs and now have severe major depression for last 6 months. I take 150 mg Effexor XR and it doesn't seem to be working. I also have anxiety and ...

Posted 30 May 2012 69 answers

Citalopram - how long does it take to notice a difference and are there any long term side effects?

Worried about starting something new to treat the worry!! I have recently been diagonosed with depression and anxiety and was given Citalopram 20mg to treat these. I have to admit, I am hesitant to ...

Posted 2 Feb 2012 9 answers

How long do side effects last after stopping prozac? I have recently weaned off I?

... Wanted to stop since I wonder if it is still helping me. I occasionally feel depressed but nothing like before Prozac. My concern is I have been on prozac for greater than 30 years. Does it get ...

Posted 21 Aug 2010 4 answers

What is Trazodone and what is it used for?

Can someone please give me info on trazodone. Thanks!

Posted 6 Jan 2005 13 answers

Are these beginning side effects of zoloft normal? personal expieriense would be helpful!?

im a 17 year old girl, ive had panic anxiety, depression, and some odc since i was younger. this year it has all gotten to be too much with racing thoughts, panic attacks and anxiety. its simply a ...

Posted 24 Apr 2012 7 answers

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