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I have just started taking creon 10. Approx how long should it take before I see changes?

Currently I am not tollerating any fats

After 2+ years of diaherra, bloating nausea and pain I was finally told I have Chronic Pancreatitis?

... Discovered in a CT scan. First question was how much do you drink? answer maybe one drink every 3-4 months. Dr prescribed Creon 20, took it first day, next am sore throat, same for days 2 & 3 day 4 could not speak and throat hurt really bad. Did not take pills on Sunday, am could speak... read more

How long does Creon take to work?

I’m a 26 year old male with pancreatitis, I’ve just been prescribed Creon, 25000 with snacks and 50000 with meals. I’ve been having diarrhea for over a year now. Will this help?

Chronic Pancreatitis - I'm a 28 year old male and have had chronic pancrantitis for one year and?

... five months, I take creon 12000 2 pill every time I eat its seems to be helping in the way that I can digest my food now but I'm still in pain every day my pancreas enzymes look a bit better now at least that what the doctor says they're still elevated just not as bad and my doctor... read more

Can I take creon to lose weight without having pancreatic disease?

i am a healthy female & would like to take creon to lose approx 15 lbs. would i be putting my body at a health risk if i took creon for at least 2 meals per day?

I have been taking creon 25 000 for about 1 year but cannot put weight on?

I weigh 94lb and should be 120lb-140lb. I eat anything and everything, always hungry and exercise 4-5 times a week but still the weight go on.

Does Creon cause weight gain??

Already experience bloating, constipation, belly pain. Does Creon, help with this? Or make it worse, and, does it cause any weight gain, or loss?

Can Creon cause stomach bloating?

I take 13 24,000 caps of Creon daily. I've been worked up to this amount over the last few years. My stomach is so bloated & distended, wondering about Creon causing part of this. 4 yrs ago I had pain in upper right stomach. Ultrasound showed a growth in the head of my pancreas. Had my 1st... read more

Creon side effects and minimum dosage?

In 2005 I suffered a bad case of Severe Acute Necrotizing Ideopathic Pancreatits. They wanted to operate to remove my panceras, but decided I would not survive the operation. Fortunately my temperature began to subside and I'm still here to tell the story. Subsequent scans showed that 75% of... read more

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