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What happens if I freeze my prescriptions to make them last longer?

Posted 15 Apr 2015 by amyr_74 3 answers

I always thought that if you froze any pills from an RX you got that you could make them last longer than the expire date. I've done this for YEARS. I'm just reading the fine print on a recent med & it states Do Not Freeze. Why? Does anybody know what exactly will happen (chemically ...

How to avoid nausea/vomiting from taking Doxycycline?

Posted 20 Feb 2015 by AbetterMe 1 answer

Hi, I was recently prescribed 100mg capsules doxycycline to help with my acne problems. I have read many forums stating that alot of people get very nauseous and some even vomited from taking it. How can I avoid this all together? Is there a method to prevent it? (I have a phobia of vomiting)

How should I take my omeprazole and Carafate?

Posted 14 Aug 2016 by Ella13 2 answers

I've been prescribed 20 mg capsules of omeprazole to be taken once per day and 10 ml liquid Carafate to be taken twice daily. I've been getting up, taking my omeprazole, waiting 30 mins and then taking my Carafate. Then I wait another hour before I eat. I take my second dosage of Carafate ...

Valproic acid prescribed in 2016, is it still save to take?

Posted 1 day ago by steppach 0 answers

It was prescribed for my Son in 2016 and he took it for about 3 months and I kept the capsules. He now needs to start again and we are not certain if they are still effective. Please advise

Shelf life of Preservision AREDS 2?

Posted 1 day 2 hours ago by ChelseaGrandma 0 answers

I have about 300 of these capsules with expiration dates of 9/2017 and 10/2017. They have been stored in a cool dry dark place. I don't know how I missed calculations when I purchased them- but don't want to throw them out since I'm not working and have AMD. Is there any good news ...

Qsymia - I have a question regarding my prescription?

Posted 3 days ago by crystalgh1 0 answers

I just started my first 14 day's but my prescription bottle says to take one capsule twice a day?? is this normal??

Is it normal to take azithromycin 250g capsules in twice dailr dose to treat Chlamydia?

Posted 15 days ago by FelixBui 1 answer

My doctor told me to take azithromycin 250g capsules in twice daily dose for 3 days to treat chlamydia. But I read on the internet that chlamydia only requires 1g single dose. I asked my doctor about it but she just said women can't take single dose of azithromycin. This really confused me and ...

Can tramadol come in white capsules?

Posted 12 days ago by worry guts 1 answer

I have a prescription of 50mg tramadol. They usually are green and yellow capsules. The ones I have now are an off white colour with black print. Is this OK?

Are Harva and FitFirst slimming capsules safe to use?

Posted 8 May 2017 by Smika 1 answer

I used fitfirst for two weeks, but got no results so I was advised to switch to another medication called Harva and I have been using it for the past 5 days. The pills are supposed to be all natural slimming pills that control the appetite and help in fat burning. Starting a week ago, I started ...

Sildenafil - To take Suhagra Force 50?

Posted 15 Nov 2017 by marvel999 0 answers

I am 60 years old and suffering from sugar and blood pressure with ED problems. I have never taken any drugs or capsules for erection and I am out of sex for last two to three years though I have desire for sex. Is it advisable to Suhagra Force 50.

I have some cephalexin capsules 500mg I got from my dentist in 2015...can u still take them. After?

Posted 15 Nov 2017 by Rzy 0 answers

... this long. Im so needing them for a too the infection ..& cant afford to go the dentist

Anyone know about a clear capsule filled with clear liquid, marked IB 200? The mark would suggest?

Posted 11 Nov 2017 by kalbevk 0 answers

... 200 mg ibuprofen, but they only seem to come in blue

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