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CitizenNat 10 Feb 2023

I have seen microbeads in two colors before and my current capsules (which aren’t working as well) are all white powder on the inside. To the person who is all shamey about opening the capsules, the manufacturer actually has instructions method of opening the capsules and adding the meds to a drink. For people who metabolize this med too quickly, this is the only real method I know to slow it down - which is the opposite of using this method for naughty purposes so maybe get off your high horse. Plus a lot of folks are saying both their vyvanse and their adderall aren’t working right lately, and folks are concerned they are being given placebos so maybe just don’t be a jerk?

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Angelrs001 4 Aug 2020

It’s very irritating when someone automatically assumes they know everything. Or loves to police everybody and likes to be a right fighter when they have no clue if the person is even doing anything wrong. You never know if someone’s dr told them to , for instance, open a capsule and mix it with applesauce , bec they can’t swallow pills. To answer the question, there are two kinds of vyvanse. The time released kind and the regular immediate release kind. The time released kind have tiny beads in them. Some of the beads are time released and break down slowly, and some give you your initial dose and break down immediately, so you can’t split the dose in two and get it even but u can mix it with applesauce or something and take it that way. Just make sure not to chew up the beads. Just swallow them whole. The immediate release kind has a powder in the capsule that looks like the consistency of baby powder.


That kind can also be mixed with food. I also would like to say that when you are so judgmental, it makes people scared to ask questions and if they are doing something inappropriate with their medication, it makes them do things that are dangerous bec they don’t have the information to do it in a safe way. It’s called harm reduction. Just my opinion.

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CitizenNat 10 Feb 2023

My current meds have the white powder inside but in the past they have had the beads. Does this mean they gave me the wrong meds? They look the same on the outside. I didn’t know there was an immediate release vyvanse.

Yourwrong123 13 Oct 2018

It depends solely on your pharmacy. I’ve encountered powder and often they put small pills inside of the capsule. Also, you can open the capsule on Vyvanse. I take it myself and find that it’s much better if you open the capsule and put it in water and split it up.

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