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Binge Eating Disorder Questions

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Used Monistat 7 cream will it come out the next morning ?

Posted 21 May 2015 by Honeybee45 1 answer

I inserted the cream before bed around 10 woke up around 9 am to pee clumps of white stuff came out not sure if it was the yeast or the cream didn't dissolve ? Please help

I took Take Action which is a form of Plan B one step. How will I know if my period is coming?

Posted 18 Apr 2015 by Moreen2222222 2 answers

So on 4/10/15 I had sex but two hours later I took Take Action. The store did not have Plan B One Step. I went to bed after taking the pill. Symptoms I noticed on 4/11/15 were 1. Fatigue 2. Cramping 3. Lower back pain 4. Diarrhea 5. Nausea I still have symptoms as of today (the lower back pain ...

Monistat-1 white discharge and burning 3 days after, is this normal?

Posted 12 Feb 2016 by Stephanie617 1 answer

... I used Monistat-1 on Tuesday night for a yeast infection before bed. It's not Friday and since then, I've been having a white, sort of grainy like discharge. It kind of smells sterile or like medicine. Is it the medicine coming out of me? Is this normal? And should I call my Gyno? I ...

Fluoxetine - Prozac for binge eating?

Posted 14 days ago by Smileonceinawhile 3 answers

Does Prozac really help for binge eating? I've only been on it 2 days, but I don't know if it's helped at all. I just ate a packet of Tim Tams and I still want more. I feel tired and foggy. I just want to know if someone can give me some advice?

I have been taking tramadol 3 X 100mg a day my Dr then added gapabentin 100 day yesterday I took my?

Posted 2 days 4 hours ago by Joannelooploop14 0 answers

Meds as normal the n I became unwell felt spaced out incident take any more I managed to get through work not sure how I came home and went to bed about 7.00 I woke about 7 am I did not take any meds as no back pain but had diarrhoea and felt about spaced so I phoned in sick to work . I have not ...

I used Monistat 7 at about 5pm and didn't realize you were supposed to use it before bed.

Posted 16 days ago by Brofri1996 1 answer

A lot fell out of me when I used the rest room. Should I reapply it before bed or wait until tomorrow night?

Just then I was almost sick in gastro problems Im sure are caused by bipolar medication?

Posted 2 Jul 2017 by PeterBull 1 answer

Would you require a list of my medications to help advise me

What about taking Aleve 12 hrs after taking mobic?

Posted 20 Jun 2017 by DJfive 1 answer

Sudden pain in hip area had rx for mobic from other condition. Pain still not gone took aMobic couple hrs before bed. Wondering if I wake up in pain can I take Aleve at approximately 12 hrs after the mobic.

Constipation with Victoza?

Posted 4 Jun 2017 by Shirley916 3 answers

Does anyone else suffer from severe constipation and stomach cramps. I cant get past the 0.6. After about a week I am so constipated that I'm in bed in pain for days. I really want this to work for me but not sure how to get past this?

Can I take one tizanidine at night before bed and still work in the morning?

Posted 1 Jun 2017 by Denise 1957 0 answers

Can I take one tizanidine at night before bed and will it still help relax my muscles the next day?

Propranolol for anxiety?

Posted 12 May 2017 by Joel777 2 answers

Hi, I have recently been prescribed Propanolol 40mg tabs to take before bed as I've been having nocturnal panic attacks (caused due to general anxiety during the day). I've been reading lots about people who have taken this drug just to treat anxiety in general? Can anyone else confirm ...

Has anyone kept the weight off after discontinuing Topamax?

Posted 15 May 2017 by hxp7 0 answers

Sorry if this question has been answered before. I'm about to start taking Topamax for binge eating disorder, and I've heard it can cause weight loss, which would be welcome in my case. What I'm worried about is losing a ton of weight and then gaining it all back as soon as I go off ...

Trintellix - Best time to take Morning or Bed time?

Posted 3 Jan 2017 by tpayne1978 1 answer

What works for everyone ? In the morning or at bed time??

I'm taking Pylera and omeprazole on an empty stomach?

Posted 13 May 2017 by DAF54 0 answers

The pharmacy directions and online info says to take after meals and at bed time with 8 oz of water. I just started taking the rx this morning. I've been waiting 1 hour before and 2 hours after food. Also, how long after completing rx should I be retested. I'm supposed to have ...

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