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Barrett's Esophagus Questions

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Can you take an antacid with omeprazole?

Nexium vs Prilosec: What's the difference between them?

Does omeprazole cause cancer?

Does Nexium cause hair loss? I have been taking it off and on for 2yrs. my hair is getting thinner?

... and thinner. Blood test show no problems. No heredity of loss in family. No stress except for worried about my hair. I'm 63 yrs old, but all women in my family had a full set of hair. Only thing to think about is this drug I'm taking. Please let me know if this drug could be my... read more

Barrett's Esophagus - Can Barretts produce pain in the right side and around to the back? I don't?

... feel the heartburn so often stated, but experience this side pain/spasms, sharp pain that extends up from the low back along the shoulder blade, as well as a sensation of pressure pushing through my back, behind myhiatal hernia

Has anyone gone off the Omeprazole, what did you take for heartburn, having difficulty weaning off?

I have taken omeprazole for a lengthy period of time. What problems have you had, if you had any? Did you experience really bad heartburn? What did you do for the heartburn? I am having a terrible time trying to wean away from this medication. Thanks so much, AquariusAnne

I have been taking Nexium 20mg, now increased to 40mg daily for 20 years.What can I expect to happen

... if I stop taking it now I know and suffer from most of the side effects listed? I have been diagnosed with kidney malfunction and it is getting worse. At the last consultation the specialist queried the time I have been taking Nexium. I have also developed Barret's esophagus which is why 4... read more

How long do you have to wait to eat after taking carafate?

I also take protonix.

Taking two Nexium a day. Is that okay?

Pantoprazole - what is the difference between “sod dr” and “sod ter”?

I just got a script with sod dr and it is not working well at all. My last script was sod ter, both 40 mg and the latter works beautifully!

Barrett's Esophagus - I have been taking Pantoprazole for 16 years for Barretts esophagus.

I am developing skeletal, joint pains for a little over a year now and have been tested for autoimmune diseases which were all negative. Also had a recent Bone scan and it shows low bone mass in a few places. Can this be caused by excessive use of pantoprazole? My doctor wants me to stay on it. I... read more

Has anyone expereanced morning back pain from Omeprazole?

I've been taking Omeprazole for 5 or 6 yrs now and that's about when my back pain started. I'm 45yrs of age and It's not my bed or the way I sleep. In the morn after an hour and a couple cups of coffie it goes away?

Can pantoprazole combined with levosulpride gives the effective cure in gerd patient?

ppi with prokinetic in gerd ?

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