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What would be an effictive medication for helping to control anger?

Posted 29 Jul 2010 by samz_northman 5 answers

ANGER ISSUES. has tried geodon, lamictal, and seraquel.

Horrid depression and anger after prednisone?

Posted 24 Aug 2014 by HelpWanted71 6 answers

I have been on prednisone 3 times this summer. Close together and longer periods each time. This last time I stayed on for about 8 weeks before final weaning. I had severe gastric issues this time and depression , which I have Had but WAS UNDER CONTROL . It made my acid reflux unbearable. Nausea, ...

Anyone experience anger with Lexapro?

Posted 13 Jun 2013 by yegshimesh 6 answers

I recently switched from Luvox 100mg to Lexapro 20mg and have noticed that I get angry at some of the smallest things. I've been on this for 2 weeks now and not sure if it's a side effect or just that my does is too high? Anyone have the same experience?

Can Wellbutrin cause or intensify hot flashes?

Posted 5 Dec 2011 by riley50 7 answers

I've noticed several side effects with wellbutrin and am wondering if anyone else has experienced any of the following - hot flashes/sweating, chills, anger/irritability, confusion.

Has anyone experienced extreme anger and mood swings while taking humira?

Posted 17 Jul 2012 by RAlife84 13 answers

I have taken 2 shots already. One shot every two weeks.

Has anyone ever successfully quit Lexapro?

Posted 9 Feb 2012 by Peachiekeen 6 answers

I have slowly weaned off of Lexapro over a month and for the past week have been not taking any, and my obsessive negative thoughts and anger are out of control. I can't sleep. I've also experienced frequent bouts of anxiety, jitteriness and upset stomach throughout the day, even over ...

Can Tramadol cause feelings of anger?

Posted 10 Mar 2015 by SkeeterElf 3 answers

I have only been on Tramadol for a week now and today I experienced a sense of anger all day long. I am becoming very defensive and striking out at friends and family. I have Parkinson's Disease and am taking Tramadol for severe pain in my left leg. What is causing this feeling of anger all of ...

Why am I so cold an angry. Numb. I'm coming off dihydrocodeine and Valium. The anger is the worst?

Posted 4 days ago by Jc81 2 answers

Have been on 30mg x 20 to 30 pills for 17 yrs. Plus Valium again for a year. I've cut down to 3 codeine but am so angry an cold and pointless. Is this normal. How long until or if it passes? Please, I have no one and I am a mum to 5 children. Everything is falling apart around me. Can anyone ...

Mad, frustrated, restless, and bored. I'm experiencing all of these feelings very strongly and its?

Posted 3 days ago by luke uno 2 answers

like nothing I do helps. I exercise, I'm starting to see my friends again, and started going into stores for the 1st time in years but I'm just so angry and restless that IDK what I might end up doing. I see my psychiatrist tomorrow but I don't wanna say the wrong thing and get put ...

My psychiatrist just dismissed my aggravation and anger and other symptoms and didn't bring up?

Posted 14 hours ago by luke uno 1 answer

a med change or offer any info as to what could be going on. Is this a sign of a bad Dr?

Does progesterone for insomnia affect dreams?

Posted 1 day 7 hours ago by Glen Allen 0 answers

I have been taking progesterone for insomnia for two months following 15 years of insomnia, Ambien, Lunesta, melatonin, etc. it works well but I find myself dreaming angry dreams, not scary or nightmares but I dream vivid dreams of being angry over mundane daily events involving people in my life. ...

Can the implanon cause quick depression, anger,mood swings from happy then 5 minutes sad, thoughts?

Posted 27 Jun 2016 by Iluv2pierce 3 answers

My daughter believes she is going crazy,i believe it is because of the B C implanon,complete mood and personality change horrible mood swings.full of anger. She has never been this way ever, usually smiling,laughing and cheering everyone else up. She says she doesn't know why this happening ...

Paxil- how normal is it to feel angry?

Posted 15 days ago by hollyj519 1 answer

I’ve been taking this medication for about 3 weeks now for anxiety and depression. I know it’s “normal” to have worse side effects in the beginning and all that but I’m feel more angry than when I wasn’t on the medication. Like my fuse is shorter. Is this normal? ...

Am I pregnant? I have the depot shot tho since May 12?

Posted 6 Jul 2017 by Maratrumble13 0 answers

I have had the depot in since May 12 and I had sex b4 and right afterwards and im having bad headaches tummy cramps but no periods and I been having mood swings uncontrollably but I took my anger meds and I feel nausea and I been puking am i pregnant?

Hi I have Severe MDD and have rapid daily mood swings and get very angry easily over little things?

Posted 27 May 2017 by luke uno 1 answer

Thinking about asking to try Seroquel XR in addition to my Latuda 60mgs, Lamictal 100mgs, Remeron 45mgs and Konopin 2mgs BID. Anyone have experience with low dose Seroquel XR on top of another antipsychotic?

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