I have slowly weaned off of Lexapro over a month and for the past week have been not taking any, and my obsessive negative thoughts and anger are out of control. I can't sleep. I've also experienced frequent bouts of anxiety, jitteriness and upset stomach throughout the day, even over simple events or activities.

When I look up Lexapro withdrawal, I find a long thread here that discusses the symptoms, but I've never read a single testimony, as far as I can recall, claiming that the withdrawals did in fact end for them after a period of time and they lived happily and functional again, without Lexapro. This is quite discouraging. I want some evidence that it's possible. I REALLY don't want to go crawling back to Lexapro, especially when I hear about how horrible and bad for you SSRIs are, so I'd like some encouragement and guidance from people who actually know the other side of this, if they exist.