... relentless compulsive thoughts.

Quick overview: I have dealt with strong anxiety and obsessive thoughts about sleep since an incident in 2002. It started out with the inability to fall asleep and as the worry about not sleeping grew and I continued to search/disect every piece of information to "heal" myself, the concept of sleep became so foreign to me, I actually have a irrational, strong fear of falling asleep. I constantly think and worry about sleep - all through the day, leading up to the next night. In bed my mind often fights my body's natural falling asleep process - it's terrible and results up for hours. I can say the fear is irrational - but its like my mind is protecting me from falling asleep. My thoughts are compulsive and they ruminate. I am doing CBT, but there is not so much negative self-talk it's difficult to stop the thoughts or restructure them... I am currently taking fluexotine and ativan as needed for anxiety. Just wondering what meds have helped with obsessive compulsive thoughts and constant rumination. Thanks for any help