Has anyone e else experienced these side effects? My husband has been on relatively low doses of gabapentin for almost a year. It was prescribed by a podiatrist - rather cavalierly, I thought, for minor neuropathy in the feet. I had a feeling this wouldn't end well. Originally it was only 300 mg once a day and worked great. It does make him sleepy, so he took it at night and even thought he was sleeping better. Then it was doubled. And now occasionally he takes an extra dose during the day. He has become very impatient - more than his usual impatience. He's so focused on his own thoughts that he hates to be interrupted in any way. He focuses on negative things. Lately, the smallest things that go wrong or are annoying send him into uncontrollable rage. We will slowly wean him off this drug. I totally blame the gabapentin. Everyone is different. Some can tolerate certain drugs and others cannot.